Throughout history there have been many great leaders, some where presidents, other were just great people. But there are a few names that are common on people’s minds when you think of a great role model. One of them is Abraham Lincoln. In the book Abraham Lincoln The Christian by William J. Johnson there are three very evident characteristics. The first one is that he was a very religious man, secondly a very persevered man, and lastly he was a man that gave comfort.

He was never out of arms reach of the Bible. Growing up he had very godly family; both of his parents were Christians. His home was a home of prayer, worship, and bible reading. There wasn’t a church close enough for them to attend regularly so his mother read bible stories to him each Sunday just like they would hear in Sunday school. At the tender age of nine his mom became very ill and died, but before she died she had once last talk with him and his sister. She told them to be kind to one another and to the rest of the family, hoping that they would live in the godliness that she had instilled in them. As a young man growing up he had doubts about his religion, but he always researched and talked with others about it. He was said to have written a paper on the emotions of God and they said there was never a paper that matched its content. As he started to become well known throughout the country he never left his Christian roots. Most of his speeches started and ended with a comment towards God or thanking God for what he had given him. He is one of the few men that led our country and held a very strong belief in God and never swayed from it.

There are few people that start a task and follow all the way through to the end. Abraham Lincoln was one of those people. As a young man in New Orleans he first had his first look at slavery, and he wasn’t pleased with what he saw. He saw people being sold to other people just because their skin was a different color. He was said to have had a deep feeling of “unconquerable hate” for an institution that made such inhumanity impossible, turning from the awful thing he had just seen, he said to his friends that were with him, “Boys, by the Eternal God, if ever I get a chance to hit that thing (slavery), I’ll hit it hard.” And also by what he said can you not see his trust in God for Guidance. Later on in his life once he became president he issued the Emancipation Proclamation which had to deal with the freeing of slaves and even went to war with his own country over slavery. He was willing to fight for what he believed, and if it wasn’t for him, to this day we could still have slavery, unless another man with these same abilities would have stepped up. He is one man who put his mind to and did it.

Throughout the years many people have died during wars protecting our country from invasion, giving their lives so that we may keep our freedom and religious convictions. As they years have worn on, the respect for these people has diminished from the time of Abraham Lincoln. And this is where compassion comes into play. As President and commander of the North, he wrote a letter to the wife of a man who had died. She was left to take care of 5 sons without her husband and provider. He wrote her a letter saying how sorry he was, and that even though no matter what he said, she wouldn’t get her husband back, she should be proud of him for sacrificing his life for their country. And that hopefully she would be able to look back on the joyous times they have had. Today if this would happen more then likely it would be a form letter pre-made and sent out to the families who lost loved ones. But this man, the President of the United States of America, took time out of