Through the use of various media, such as pencil and charcoal, we may learn not only the basics skills of drawing, but also discover a whole range of problems in art.

In our second assignment, we used perspective skills to draw a corner of a room. We demonstrated the principle of perspective by looking at a box. We noticed that all the convergence lines recede to the vanishing point. In one point perspective all horizontals and verticals do not change. The viewer's horizon line is our eye level; this is the line on which the vanishing points lie. The shape of a box will vary when you move this line higher or lower, either above or below the line.

Visually, lines converge as they recede from eyes. Everything is from one simple viewpoint, but drawing in a creative sense sometimes uses more than one viewpoint. When working in two point perspective in an interior space, such as a corner of a room, we must remember that the convergence lines that create the side walls are crossing over one another and recede to the vanishing point on the opposite side of the page. The best way to start drawing an interior space in two point is to first put in the vertical line of the back corner as it relates to the horizon line.

Thus it can be seen, when several objects, like eggs, are viewed from a distance, large forms appear to be close to us, and smaller forms appear to be farther away, but the proportion of eggs is still the same.

Perspective is not out only problem, we must composed our picture very carefully. It is necessary to place the lines that show the form in such a way that a harmonious arrangement of the subjects occupies the whole page. Every detail should contribute, by its position and form, to the total picture. A good basic composition will often is unified, it also have variety, will lead the viewer's eye around the work.

Finally, a line drawn quickly or slowly, darkly or lightly has a different Line quality. In order that the objects may look real, we should follow slowly the shape of the outer edge until we reach a change in the direction of the line. If we all follow these rules, I believe anyone could do it well in our second homework.