Through the power of body language we are able to find out alot about someone we never met before. Body language can be read in manydifferent ways. One way to read body language is to look at the person and look at what they are wearing. Lets say that you are looking at someone who is wearing a business suit high heals, nice hair, and expensive jewelry. Now what can you tell about this woman? It is easy to say that she is not really struggling for money. By her business suit and high heals you can also guess that she has a good job.
Now of course by doing this we are not going to be 100% accurate. There is always room for error and room to be flat out wrong. In the case of man and woman giving and receiving body language I would have to say that there is more of a chance of miss reading eachother than before. Women have a tendency to be able to look at a man in a certain way and get him to think anything she wants him to think.
When a woman looks into the eyes of a man that is standing across the room she immediately has the power to lure him in like a dead fish. By slight body movments, for example, many women will lick there lips as if they are tempting him to have them, or maybe she will put on a little dance and dance towards the liking of the man. It doesnít take much for a man to approach an interested woman.
As far as the process going the other way I donít think that men have the same power over women. Men must work harder and do more than just make themselves look tempting we must act and talk smooth,too.

I have found that people who beleive in marking their bodies with tattoos and peicings tend to come together in harmony. They ahve something in como\mon right off the start and have something to talk about. This goes the same for almost anything. If you are at a aroebic club the chances of meating someone there that you like and and could get along with are pretty good.
I try not to go by body language that much. There is a certain extent I will go to until I have to find out more about the person. Sometimes body language can get us in trouble. If we miss interprut someone that could lead to a stupid action on the readers end. I have learned that body language is a good and important thing in todays society, it gives a sense of mystery and curiosity. Mistry can keep the mind occupied for a long time and sometimes make life a little more interesting.