" Through a conotative and denotative analysis, determines the target audience for Cosmopolitan."

In this essay I am going to discuss what sort of audience Cosmopolitan is aimed at, by looking at the magazine and giving it a conotative and denotative analysis. I am going to look at the colours and design of the cover and try to explain the meanings of the techniques used. I am also going to discuss the model used on the cover which determines the audience of the magazine.

The basic design of the magazine is, the title is at the top of the page stretched out in a bright colour to stand out. All of the text is laid out around the outside of the model apart from the strip across the body which must mean that it is important and needs to attract the attention of the reader, it has big lettering and bright colours also. The model in this case is Jennifer Lopez. She is dressed in a gold top which is linked in with the colour scheme of the cover, which is yellow, gold and pink. Her hair is down and swept across the top part of her face and body. She is not smiling, but her mouth is slightly open showing a little bit of her teeth. She is wearing simple make-up but it is noticeable to see. The price of the magazine is 2.70, but the quality of the magazine and the type of paper used suggest why this magazine is more expensive than others. There is quite a lot of text on the cover of this magazine which implies that there are a lot of stories, therefore a lot to read, which means it is good value for money. The text seems to be the same over the whole cover just different size depending on how important the word or phrase is.

The 3 colours that are featured on this magazine are gold yellow and pink, which are featured on the background and on the model. These could be considered as girl colours because they are feminine which links in with the woman's magazine therefore it will appeal most to the female population. The same colours are carried out throughout the whole cover. With the text the more important things are in yellow to make the words or phrase stand out. The pink and yellow compliment each other and work will together. The gold on the top that the model is wearing links in with the colour scheme to keep the scheming simple.

I think they chose Jennifer Lopez as the model because they need someone famous on the cover to make the readers think that the magazine must be good if they can get a famous person to model on the cover of their magazine, so it must be worth buying. Also another reason why they chose Jennifer Lopez to feature on the cover is because a lot of girls idolise her and want to be like her, so they think if they buy the magazine maybe they will be able to look like her.

The types of Stories that are featured on the cover of this magazine are mainly things that girls would like to read. There are tips on beauty and dieting and also tips on the right things to buy. There is a section titled "Naked male centre folds", which is obviously aimed at women. With this title it says " You're entering the phwoar! Zone." The use of "phwoar" is a colloquialism. The titles for each of the stories are in large capital letters, which are bigger than the rest of the story title to make it stand out. There are a lot of tips and advice on the cover to interest young girls who need advice with beauty, diets and sex. There is a story with the title " She did what?!!!" This is an overuse of punctuation, which says to the reader that this is important, and that the story is a must read story. Also with this there is an emphasis on "Sex snoop" this draws attention to the word sex which young women could be interested in. Another cover line is "confessions of the bitch and famous" this is