Thomas Alva Edison
the invention of the light bulb

by Chad Bear
social studies

Thomas Edison and the invention of the
light bulb

Thomas Alva Edison is credited to be the first man to ever invent the light
bulb. He invented it in 1879. An earlier man named Sir Joseph Wilson Swan invented a light witched used the same principal as Edison's but it never got patented. Edison called it the Incandescent Lamp but the name was soon changed to the Light Bulb. The Incandescent Lamp is a device for producing
light by passing a electric current through a metallic filament, there by heating the filament to a high temperature. The filament is placed inside a glass bulb that has had all of the air vacuumed out of it, witched is attached to the base of the lamp. Edison invented many types of light bulbs, witch each had a different amount of light they produced. He made brighter light simply be running more electricity through the filament witch heated the filament more and produced more visible light. When Thomas Edison first experimented with the light bulb he used a Bamboo filament soaked in carbon, since carbon has a high melting point 3598 deg Celsius. The first lamp he made ran off of 10 volts, but he changed to 220 volts when he started to experiment with different levels of lighting. The 220 volts allowed him to change the amount of electricity that flowed through the light on a wider scale. Edison's lights only had a life span of 40 hours because the filaments would over heat and burn out. In 1882 he started the first power plant. To power his lights, the first buildings to use his light were on wall street and he only had 59 customers. With fewer than 1000 lights.
If Thomas Edison had not invented the common light bulb it would be almost like it was still the dark ages, people would still be using candles and lamps to light their homes. Or we could of goten a more modern type of lighting like inventing some type of chemicals that when mixed to together would make light. The third and last possibility is that some one else would of invented the light bulb a year later and the world be be exactly the same except I would be righting a report on a different person inventing the light bulb.