This research paper is going to discuss what excessive drinking and vast amounts

of alcohol can do to people. This research paper can and will also tell a little about the

history and background of alcohol. Then the paper will lead to the health effects of alcohol

on people mental and psychical inside and outside. Then from there it will talk about some

statistics of alcohol related traffic accidents and rapes on collage campus. This research

paper is also taking the down side or bad side of alcohol so that this paper will have the

true facts about alcohol. This reseach paper will also tell what alcoholics and alcoholic

beverages do to people that drink them some that do not even drink them.

Alcohol comes from the Arabic word "al kuhul". Alcohol has been used since or

before two thousand years before christ. Alcohol was used for a social beverage in earlier

times because the Arabics and other earlier settlers had no idea at that time what alcohol

did to them .Alcohol has also been used as a tranquilizer , sedative , stimulant , and as an


(History of Alcohol , page 1)

Alcohol has played a significant role in religious backgrounds and ceremonies in

the past. In Greece there was a god of wine which was named Bacchus. The Romans

drank vast amounts of wine and other alcoholic beverages. Wine and beer both have a

very long background and or history. Alcohol was used to supposedly relieve stress and

the drudgery of day to day life.

(History of Alcohol , page1)

Gin houses used advertisements like " drinkers can drink for a penny and get dead

drunk for two pence " to lure in alcoholics or drinkers. (History of Alcohol , page 1)

Prohibition was a temperance movement lobbied aggressively for alcohol to be

banned in the United States. In nineteen twenty alcohol was banned in the United States.

Alcohol was complete illegal for thirteen years in the United States but there was a black

market that keep alcohol alive during this period it was called boot legging. Boot legging

was run by gangs and gangsters like Al Capone. ( History of Alcohol , page 2)

In nineteen thirty three the act enforcing prohibition was repealed do to the fact

that it did not work because the law enforcing was not strong enough to stop boot

legging. ( History of Alcohol , page 2 )

Alcohol has been proven to be a very deadly drug. People who drink or alcoholics

tend to have a shorter life expectancies and a higher mortality rates the non drinkers.

Drinkers suffer the increased risk of accidental injury to themselves and others than non

drinkers.( Smart , page 1 )

Alcohol refers to a class of chemical compounds. Alcohol is chemically bonded

atoms of carbon , hydrogen , and oxygen atoms. Alcohol molecules are oxygen atoms in

the hydroxyl group then is turned into a bonded of a carbon atom to form a chemical

compound. ( Matt , page 1 )

People commonly use the word alcohol to refer to such beverages as beer , wine ,

and liquors. There are many types and kinds of alcohol such as beer , wine , whiskey ,

moonshine , and or liquors. Alcohol is the oldest drug , that has a history to date that it is

the oldest drug. ( Matt , page 1 )

The type of alcohol consumed while drinking alcohol is called ethyl alcohol. Beer

is a alcoholic beverage that is made from grain and is the most common alcohol

consumed. Beer contains between three and eight percent alcohol which is the weakest of

all alcoholic beverages. Wines are made from grapes and other fruits. Wine contains

between eight and twelve percent alcohol , but up to twenty one percent alcohol. Whiskey

, gins , and vodka contains from forty to fifty percent alcohol , which is the highest among

all alcoholic beverages. ( Matt , page 1 )

Drinker become alcoholics by becoming addicted to any of these types of

beverages. Effects of alcohol may vary on the person and it also may vary on how much is

consumed. Each person can handle different amounts of alcohol. ( Pittman , page 1 )

Alcohol passes through the stomach then it is rapidly absorbed by and through the

walls of the