This paper will examine in depth Hank Morgan's knowledge of the nineteenth century technology and his use of it in King Arthur’s Camelot.
It all started with Hank getting struck on the head with a crowbar during a fight at work. He blacked out and miraculously ended up in the sixth century, and later wrote a manuscript about it. Morgan got captured by one of King Arthur’s Knights and was summoned before the King. The King sentenced Morgan to die at 12:00 noon on the twenty-first of June, the year 513. Since Hank was born in the nineteenth century and had run the Great Arm Factory, he plans to put his use of technologic experiences before he dies.
The first idea that comes to Morgan's head was the eclipse. The people did not know what an eclipse was but they were going to. Hank told them he was a powerful sorcerer and could make the world black and everyone would die. King Arthur witnessed this and believed Morgan so they let him free and from then on Morgan became King Arthur’s sidekick.
The first use of technology was when people came to see the great magician known as Morgan. Hank told the people he was going to blow up Merlin’s tower. When Morgan did this he used dynamite and the people stood in awe.
As soon as Hank got his power back from blowing Merlin’s tower, he developed a patents office, iron missionaries, and steel missionaries. During this time he also created a teacher factory, Sunday Schools, Grade Schools, variety of Protestant Congregations, mines, Branch Schools, Naval Academies, Military Academies, and established a remote seaport.
Morgan also invented soap, which he wanted people to use. In the sixth century, no one believed in properly bathing so Hank made squires where Slogans on their armor to encourage people to wash. One slogan about soap is “Persimmon’s Soap – All the Prime Donne use it.” Morgan created toothbrushes too. A slogan which was frequently in the book as “Use Peterson’s Prophylactic Toothbrush – All the go.”
Hank produced an army, which was known as the West Pointers. It consisted of the finest nobles. He had also started a Republican Government and a Stock Board. Some weapons which were made were gattling guns, cylinder dynamite, torpedoes, barber wire, electric fences, steam warships, and he used this when he was being chased or harassed by the people when he was hiding himself as a poor townsmen.
Morgan ended slavery, so everyone was created equal. He set up a magazine known as the, “Camelot Weekly Hosannah and Literary.” A book was made called; “Volume of gray headed jokes.”
Another important use of technology Morgan thought of was bicycles. In one chapter of this novel, King Arthur and Morgan were dressed as common people and ended up in some trouble. Morgan called Clarence, a page and his helper, to bring King Arthur’s army to the town. The King and Morgan did not think the knights would make it but they did, on bicycles!
More inventions Morgan came up with was the telephone and telegraphy, which were secretly put to use. He also came up with electricity, typewriters, phonographs, and sewing machines.
Hank Morgan put to use an Insurance Business, Life and Accident Insurance were part of this. A chemical laboratory was produced too. Morgan used cowboy tactics to out win the Knights. He beat some of the best fighters, while just using a lasso.
In conclusion, Hank ended up in the battle at the end because the world was not ready for this. So all in all Hank’s use of technology was not very useful, was it?