This is an essay that will be about the contributions of early civilizations have influenced modern western society. Some contributions that have affected modern society have come from four main early civilizations. Those civilizations are Greece, Rome, India, and China. In this essay I will list and describe some of these civilizationís contributions. Contributions that have shaped the way our civilization is.
One of the earliest civilizations that made major contributions is Greece. Greece has many other small contributions, but three really sick out in my mind. The first being the Greek government. The government in most parts of Greece like Athens was a direct democracy. A direct democracy is when the people had the power by voting. People directly affected their governments. The main difference between then and now is we vote through representatives. The second main contribution was the Olympics. The Olympics started out as events just held for the Greeks. They later development it into a international event. This is very important because it is now a bringing together of many different nations. The third main contribution to modern civilization is the Greekís architecture. We have taken many architectural ideas from the Greeks. We use things like pillars and just basic structural ideas. For example look at the buildings in Washington DC Just this one place shows how much weíve adapted from ancient Greece.
The second ancient civilization which we have really adapted from is Rome. Rome actually adapted many things from the Greeks so many things are the same. The Romans did come up with some very good stuff of their own. Especially their law and justice system. We have really adapted a lot from certain parts of their laws and justice system. We have taken their ways of trails by jury and some of their ways of punishment. We have also adapted some of their believes and religion. We have a lot of people who follow Christianity. Christianity is a Monotheistic religion. Many people prefer this over worshipping many gods. Places of worship called churches have been built all over the place for these people called Christians. Like the Greeks we have adapted some of their architecture. The main thing we have adapted is the coliseums. The coliseum is used widely around the U.S. and the world. These are mostly used for entertainment such as sporting events. Many concerts are performed in a amplitheater which we got from the Romans. This makes sound carry much better and farther for better all-round sound.
The two last main ancient civilizations that we have adapted from are India and China. These civilizations are similar in different ways. We have taken two of Indiaís main religions Buddhism and Hinduism. Buddhism originated from Hinduism. Believes in gods and rules is what makes theses religions different. It gets very complicated. Many people in the western society have adapted these religions. The Chinese were the first people to make paper. There are many obvious reasons why paper is important; such as news papers. Another huge contribution from the Chinese is silk making. This isnít necessarily important, but a very clever idea.
This essay was about four ancient civilizations that were very important in the making and developing of our modern civilization. Greece, Rome, India, and China were all important. Greece for its government, Olympics, and their great architecture. Rome for its law and justice system, Christianity, coliseum, and the amphitheater. China and India for Buddhism, Hinduism, paper, and silk. All of these civilizations played a huge part in the developing our modern civilization. Itís just cool to know where exactly we got all of these things that are common in our society.