This is a descriptive essay about an ice monster. I received a 93% and it was for senior English CP

The Ice Cave

The lair of a vicious ice-creature, deepens down to the darkest of caves. Wandering down the trail of a somewhat stenching essence, a mist from the steaming walls encircles the air. The substance from the cold and darkness seeps down to the farthest of senses.

Further down, the icy walls creates a shiver at the slightest touch. The black, elusive ground, makes a sound like a quivering stew. All around the foundation, bloody clawmarks indent the frosty barrier. Fingernails screeching fills the dark space.

One, two, three, steps more, and the tail of a snowy bushed monster creeps out from around the corner. It’s ample structure growls throughout the barren, frozen lair. Once it’s boisterous voice has echoed throughout the entire cavern, the mysterious creature peers from around the enclosed corner. Waiting, watching with hungry eyes and a ravenous mouth.