This book is a very good mix of horror and Biology. In the book, the main story was how a large businessman finds a way to bring back the dinosaurs. But by doing this he has unleashed animals that are not prone to the humans or anything in this life style. To make the Dinosaurs the Geneticists found a way of collecting DNA from the petrified misquitos found in fossilized Amber.
The story starts with a quick over lay of the modern Genetics that we know of. This is a very interesting chapter because it will help you in the future when you are reading the book. The next chapter starts you off with a family having fun on the beach in Costa Rico, when a little girl finds a weird lizard. Later on in the book you find out it is a certain kind of tiny dinosaur found in the Creataous period. Then the book takes us to the Dig site of Alan Grant our main character, he is offered a trip to a small remote island owned by INGEN the company that is owned by John Hammond a very enthusiastic business man. Grant with his companion Ellie Sattler go to check out the island.
While they do this Donald Genairo a lawyer, gets ready to go to the island to see what Hammond has gotten him into. Genairo is a very muscular man and a very mean character.
When the whole bunch lands on the island they are introduced to the funny character Ian Malcolm. He is a very smart mathematician that specializes in the CHAOS theory. When they find the first dinosaur they are amazed at what this man has done. But later they will be ungrateful. When they get to the visitors center Hammond grandchildren Tim and Alex greet them. They all get into the cars to go on a trip around the park. When something goes wrong they are all separated and forced to be sent out into the park by themselves. After Grant and the kids have many run ins with the T-Rex and other animal they finally get back the visitors center were they are met by all the others.
When they find out that the Velicoraptors have escaped they really worry. When the raptors almost kill the kids they know it is time to leave. While this is all happening a man that plans to ruin the company is stealing all of the embryos from the freezing stations. But he dies and does not get the embryos to the boat so that others can not make the same mistake. When the whole bunch is running to get to the helicopter, dinosaurs attack John Hammond. Then everyone takes off and they bomb the island.