This article from the World Wide Web is about the Kombucha fungus, what some call the miracle
mushroom. This widely hyped ailment-for-anything are also known as Manchurian mushrooms and Indo-
Japanese tea fungus. There is so much information about Kombucha that when I did a web search on it
over 100 web sites were devoted to this strange fungus I had never heard of.
I decided to look further as see what all this hype is about. Kombucha is a yeast culture
supposedly possessing an natural antibiotic effect and an extreme amount of glucuronic acid, a liver
detoxifier that flushes poisons out of the body. How does this all happen? First the Kombucha yeast (It is
not officially a mushroom) is ground up and most commonly taken into the body in the liquid form of tea.
This tea is supposed to taste somewhat like the famous Japanese green tea. If it ferments for a long time
the tea tastes like a hot apple cider with a hint of vinegar.
The main reason people drink this tea is not for the taste, but for the relief of endless physical
ailments. Besides Kombuchaís antibiotic and anti-toxin effects, some of the other aspects of well being it
helps are: acting as a laxative, relieves pains of arthritis, helps with digestion, relieves stomach cramps and
bronchitis, regulates appetite, clears acne, relieves headaches, strengthens hair and nails, stops diarrhea,
improves eyesight, and most of all "vitalizes" the physical body. Think that list was long? Those are just
a few things on the list that this miracle fungus can help with.
Could all this be true? For some reasons the United States hasnít done scientific or clinical studies
on Kombucha. However, many other countries throughout the world including Russia, Germany, and
Sweden, have been doing studies on this miracle tea for nearly 100 years and have found medical benefits
within the Manchurian yeast.
Perhaps there is no way to be sure if all this is true, and since there have been no negative effects
of drinking Kombucha tea, I would recommend to try some yourself and find out.