There it was, sitting on my desk, calling my name. It was saying, "Eat me,

taste my delicious chocolate and my smooth caramel." I then picked up this practically

weightless, rigid Snickers bar and I smelled that sweet aroma of the sweet chocolate and

caramel blend. Those chocolate covered peanuts and caramel were very tantalizing.

Then we were allowed to open the wrapper. I opened it, careful not to rip the

wrapper. The second it was uncovered, the sweet smell got stronger. That chocolate and

caramel aroma was now increased with the glorious smell of roasted peanuts. Oh! How

I longed to taste that tempting Snickers bar. The top of the bar itself looked like an ocean

wave just before it crashes onto the beach. It was a perfect picture, frozen in time. It felt

smooth, yet gooey at the same time.

Then I heard those magical words. "you may now take your first bite." I then bit

into it and my taste buds went berserk with admiration. On my second bite my mouth

started to water. My throat started to get dry and the caramel stuck to my teeth. Then the

last, but certainly not least, bite came. It was the most extraordinary taste.

After the last bite, I felt a deep sense of loss, like when my best friend moved

away, never to be seen again. My fingers were covered with a thin layer of melted

chocolate, so I took care of that the best way I could, I licked them. I then had a huge

craving for a tall, ice cold glass of milk. It truly was a small taste of Heaven.