There are many volcanoes in the world today. The volcano we chose to do a report on is Mt. St. Helens.
Mt. St. Helens is a volcano in Washington State, U.S.A. It's 8,364 feet above sea level. Mt. St.
Helens is a volcano in the Cascade Range. It's also a volcano in the Ring of Fire. Mt. St. Helens is a
composite volcano. That means it's a layered volcano. Mt. St. Helens is snowcapped.
The first person who found and named Mt. St. Helens was George Vancouver in 1792. He named
it after Allyne Fitzherbe the Baron of St. Helens ( A city near Liverpool.).
Mt. St. Helens is known for its beauty. There's a lake called Spirit Lake on the side of Mt. St.
Helens. The lake was formed by volcanic mudflows. Mudflows can raise Spirit Lake over 60 feet high!
There use to be lots of tribes around Mt. St. Helens. The tribes named Mt. St. Helens Loo-Wit.
Mt. St. Helens erupted five times. In 1802,1850,1978,1980, and 1992. Can you guess witch year
we are doing the next paragraph on ?..If you guessed 1980 you are right!

At 8:33 the people that had not left Mt. St. Helens surroundings heard a big boom, Mt. St. Helens
had just blew off her top! On May 18,1980, Mt. St. Helens awakened from a short nap. There had been
lots of little earthquakes before the eruption. The ash in the eruption reached speeds of 200 miles a hour.
Mt. St. Helens was 9,677 feet high before the eruption, after the eruption it was 8,364 feet high. Sixty
people died in the eruption. 230 square miles of timber lay dead and burnt on the ground! All the animals
had left the surroundings of Mt. St. Helens. Slime was formed in the lakes by Mt. St. Helens by the
A senior citizen (84) named Harry Fruman would not leave his home on Mt. St. Helens, even after
a warning of an eruption. He quoted "I talk to the mountain, the mountain talks to me. I am part of the
mountain, the mountain is part of me". He died in the eruption