There are many kinds of advertisements wheather it be in a magazine on T.V. or the huge
billboards you see on the side of the highway. Many of the advertisements are a method of
convincing the public to buy thier products made by companies. Also, if you look at an
advertisement everything on the ad was put there for a reason. From the different races
that they used to whether the shot was taken outside or in a studio, these were all put
there for a reason or as a symbol about the product.
In the December 1998 issue of Cosmopolitan, I found an advertisement for Clean
Make-up by Cover Girl. This ad shows five girls, of all different races, hugging each other
with the five different bottles of the product at the bottom of the page and the girls are
standing in an outside setting. All of these where put there for a reason that most readers
over look. There is a reason that the company chose to use all of the different races,
to show cultural diversity, and that the company isn’t racist or other wise they are open to
everyone and every race. They also show that they make make-up for all skin tones where
as other companies just have make-up for a few skin tones.
There are many questions you can ask about this advertisement by just looking at it
because they don’t show a lot of things in it. For example, how do we know that the girls
are wearing this kind of make-up? Just because it said what kind of make-up and the
names of each girl in the corner, doesn’t mean that they are actually wearing it. Although
since it does say there names it makes it a little more believable. Showing the girls names
actually makes them seem more like a regular person then just someone in a magazine.
Another thing is, how do we know if this is really clean make-up? Just because it shows
the girls outside doesn’t mean that it won’t clog your pores, and it doesn’t say it when you
read the outline on the page.We are expected to think just because the girls are standing in
an outside setting we are supposed to expect that the product is environmentally safe.
Although sence they are supposedly in an outdoor setting we tend to think of the make-up
of being “natural and clean” like the advertisement said. Therefore, how do we know that
the outside setting is real or not? They focus on the girls hugging each other so you can
not really see the background.
This advertisement appeals more to women then men. Just for the fact that
Cosmopolitan is a women’s magazine and they usually don’t have make-up advertisements
in men’s magazines. Also, since the product comes in 18 different shades, they are not
leaving out any specific skin tone. In my opinion, I really don’t think that the readers of
this advertisement could get offended easily. Unless they don’t like how they show only
one social status of girls. There are many other types of people such as Goths and hippies
but they only show one of the areas of the social structure. The girls in the advertisement
are carrying themselves to be part of the higher part of the social structure. By a higher
part of the social structure I mean that they have more money then most people. They
show this by wearing there sweater over there shoulders and wearing pastel colors.
The surface message of this advertisement is that if you wear this brand of
make-up then you will be beautiful and have clear skin like these girls. Also, because the
picture was taken outside, to me that represents that the make-up is environmentally
friendly. It said that there is 18 beautiful shades so there not leaving out to many skin
tones. And there are five different races used in the advertisement which mean they are not
racists. At the bottom, it said their slogan for the product “easy breezy beautiful Cover
Girl.” That slogan makes me think that the make up is easy to put on and it doesn’t take
that long to do.
This advertisement does perpetuate stereotypes in a few ways. They do this by
showing a lot of upper-class girls hugging each other like they wouldn’t talk or hug
anyone else that wasn’t as rich as them. The advertisers show this by the way the models