By: Cheryl Jackson
Mr. Rogers
Block 3

Origin Of The Bombay Cat

The Bombay cat is a modern breed created in

the United States. The Bombay cat was made

when the American Short hair and the Burmese

cats were successfully crossed. It was named for

the city of Bombay, because it resembles a black

leopard of India.

The American Short hair cat is where the

Bombay cat gets its beautiful, satiny texture. The

American Short-hair comes in a variety of

colors, which the Bombay cat is only black, but

it's a dark gray at birth. The first American

Short hair was dated in 1904. The American

Short hair was known as the common European

cat. The first Short hairs were bred from British

and American Short hairs.

The Burmese cat is where the Bombay gets its

silky, fine, thick, shiny coat. The Burmese is

mainly a dark sable brown. The first Burmese

cat was originated in the late 1920's. A female

Burmese cat was successfully crossed with a

male Siamese cat to get a new breed, the


The Coat

The Bombay cat has short hair. Its coat has

a close-lying, satiny texture, which is from the

American Short hair. The color of the coat is

black with absolutely no white. It's black to the

hair roots, but at birth it's a lighter color, usually

gray. The Bombay gets its dark, beautiful color

from the Burmese. The Bombay cat has a thick,

lustrous coat.

The Body

The Bombay cat has a medium size body.

It's rather bulky and supported on agile legs

with black paw pads. It gets this from the

American Short hair because they have a solid

structure with a well-developed chest and

shoulders, it also has sturdy legs and strong feet.

Its size comes from the Burmese, which is

medium, long, and graceful. The Bombay is

neither compact nor rangy.

The Head

Bombay cats have round heads, with out

flat planes, even if it was looked at from the

front or the side. They have full, chubby faces,

almost forming a short muzzle. The ears are

medium sized, they're gently rounded off at the

tips. They're ears perk up at the slightest sounds.

They've got black noses. The full round cheeks

or face come from the strong jawed, American

Short hair and the rounded tips of the ears come

from the Burmese.

The Eyes

The Bombay cat have round eyes, that set

far apart. The colors range from a yellow to a

dark copper. If you see a cat that you think is a

Bombay, but it has green eyes, then it is not a

Bombay cat. The eye colors of the Bombay cat

come from the Burmese.

Character of the Bombay Cat

It is a good companion. This is a quiet cat,

it has a very soft voice. It's a sensitive,

affectionate, and intelligent cat. It can live its

entire life in a house or an apartment with no

need for going outdoors. This cat was created as

an indoor pet. It gets its intelligence and

affection from the American Short hair. It is

considered a working cat, because it can catch

mice of any size, at any time, even after it has

been fully fed. He also gets this from the

Burmese, but the Burmese has a rather loud


An Ideal Owner of Bombay Cats
Bombay cats are friendly to the entire

family. It likes to be left in peace and doesn't

like loud noises. The cat gets this from both the

American Short hair and the Burmese. This cat

is a great family pet. As long as you return the

affection it will be the friendliest cat ever.

Their Diet

The Bombay cat has a moderate appetite,

this is because it burns few calories. It mainly

likes meat. The American Short hair usually

hunts, but if its not successful, the owner must

feed it. The Burmese also eats meat, but needs

vegetables also, especially during the growth

period. The Bombay cat gets its healthiness and

strength from both the American Short hair and

the Burmese.


The Bombay cat litter produces a

maximum of four to five kittens. The kittens are

voracious eaters. They are light in