The year was 1787, and Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and George Washington were signing their names to a document that stated, "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free-state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." What were they thinking? Did they have any clue as to what types of dangerous weapons we would have available today? Their guns could fire a maximum of five rounds per minute and that was a talent even for a professional loader. We now have kids on the streets, in our schools, and in our homes with guns that can fire 180 rounds per minute. But, let's retrace our steps and Consider the times in which our framers lived. They were under constant surveillance by England, the Indians were in an uproar; Canada was upset about our borders; and, if it wasn't for hunting, many would have faced starvation! Guns were a necessity! Now, back to the present . . . children, teenagers, maniacs, criminals, gang-bangers, and those with a history of violence are carrying around guns that can shoot 180 rounds per minute, bullets that can pierce metal, and all at an extremely high velocity! Gun control is needed to protect us from chaos!
Did our framers intend for these kinds of weapons to be sold to anyone via the Internet or mail order catalog? After reading the information that Mrs. McCall gave to me, I see that a majority of guns, in use today, have one purpose and that is offensive military type tactics. Could our framers imagine 10-13 year-olds in control of these firearms then turning around and shooting other kids, teachers, and their families? Did they imagine gangs wandering around unhampered by law enforcement and military?
Now, let's talk about facts. There are 1,000s of cases of domestic violence reported each year, be it rape, mugging, car-jacking, etc. and there is no control. Thousands are brutalized, injured, or slain because weapons are so easy obtain. Fire arms of all types account for 62% of the nation's annual murders. Armed robberies totaling 150,000 involve handguns, and 12,000 people use guns to commit suicide each year.
I am not suggesting that we consider the abolition of guns. I am suggesting that gun control is needed to protect society from those who want to corrupt it! We need to keep high-powered, dangerous weapons out of the hands of criminals, children, gang-bangers, maniacs, and those with a history of violence!
I realize that my opposition is tight on the fact that gun control might take guns out of the hands of those who should have them. I give them this thought to ponder: The handgun in your home is more likely to kill you or a member of your family than to save your life. There is a quote that anti-gun control activists tend to use in their argument. "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." Well, I believe this is only half true. People do kill people. Guns kill people best. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy was killed by a sniper's bullet. In 1968, Martin Luther King was killed by a gunman, and also in 1968, Senator Robert F. Kennedy fell to an assassin's bullet in Los Angeles. Each year 1,200 people are killed in accidents involving handguns and someone is injured every 2 minutes.
Let's consider if there was no control on the sale/purchase of guns. Every psycho, murderer, rapist, abuser, gang-banger, thief, kidnapper, tyrant, drug-lord, and child would have access to weapons and there would be no stopping them. After all, it would be their right to own a weapon! It would be a disaster! There would be machine guns propped on the rooftops of houses, more children would be bringing guns to school, the number of murders would skyrocket and there wouldn't be a person in the world who could change that. Owning a gun is not a constitutionally guaranteed right - it is a privilege - it could never be an absolute right, because if it were, any American could own such weapons as machine guns, bazookas, and howitzers, and nobody could interfere. Is that what our anti-gun control activists want? Do they want a country where