The Working Poor

I feel that this is an out rage because there was recently 300 million dollars stolen and given to liberal supporting businesses, according to my calculations we could have given the 17 million Canadians that have this problem we could have given each family more than enough to survive and have more left over for people in the government to get drunk and waste more of my hard earned money.

Our government needs to step up to the plate a help the families in need of help, plus they over tax us as it is a they say we can not live the life we once had I would personally like to know why that is because I see a lot of money taken from my pay plus I can see 15% come off that is a lot of money say if the advrage person made 35 000 dollars a year and the government to off 25% our pay they would have that is 7000 dollars a person plus 31 000 000 people in Canada 150 000 000 millin dollars in spending I think that is more than enough to live a awsome life and not have to worry if your kid are going to eat or if you can pay the bills.

Paul Martin needs to be FIRED because he is a thief and a liar if he wanted to do this he should have consulted the Canadian people befour going and spending millions of dollars