The wonderful world of fashion can lead to a great future for both men and women who want an
exciting and challenging career. There are thousands of job openings every year for sales personnel alone.
Fashion is everywhere: In our personal lives, in our social lives, and in our places of employment.
Freedom of Choice
People from all over the world have contributed to today’s concepts of fashion. Today we have a
new freedom of choice that expresses our individuality. Talented people in the field of fashion create
beautiful things for us to wear and to use in our environment.
The fashion merchandising field offers a rewarding career in many different jobs. Opportunities are
everywhere. For example, you may want to own your own store someday, or you may prefer to be a part of
the vast industry of retailing, wholesaling, or manufacturing for some of the largest stores in the world.
Whatever your goals, a fashion merchandising course will help you achieve them faster.
Job opportunities abound for those who have imagination, ambition, talent, and ingenuity. There are jobs
in the technical areas of the fashion industry that involve the creation of products. You might work in a
textile laboratory, be a super salesperson, or work in one of the many business areas of the fashion industry.
If you are artistic, you may be involved in designing, advertising, fabric styling, or pattern making. If you
like writing, what could be more fascinating than to write for popular fashion magazines.
Interesting Jobs in Fashion
The fashion coordinator’s job is important in getting the fashion story across to the public. This career
often includes travel, fashion shows, and public speaking. In addition, there are many jobs in the marketing
and merchandising of products of all kinds.
There are also jobs for visual displays and interior areas. There are many jobs behind the scenes such as in
the receiving area where merchandise is prepared for the various departments of a store. Another job area
involves the buying of the merchandise. The buyer’s job is very important and requires knowledge of what
will appeal to customers.
Preparing for a Fashion Career
There are many job opportunities available to people with a sense of style who have an interest in the
fashion industry. Experience in retailing will be helpful, so consider a part-time job as a salesperson. You
will find out right away if you enjoy working with the public or if you would be happier working in another
area of the fashion industry that has less contact with the public. If you would like to have a career in
fashion, pursue your education. There are both two-year degrees and four-year degrees in the fashion
merchandising field.