The War

At exactly 9:15 it was announced that the war has begun, for those of you who don\'t know how war is started it\'s when one country enter\'s another forcefuly. As I was watching what the president had to say I was typing up my research paper and doing my math homework. Then it hit me.

What the fuck was I doing our country is at war with a sinister man who does nothing but find pleasure in the death of innocents, and i\'m at home typing up a bull shit paper and simplyfing radicals.

Does anyone know what is going on here?

Does anyone realize the severity of this?

WW1 and 2 were started by one country forcefully entering another. At school i\'m almost 100% sure they won\'t have war coverage for us, why because it\'s bad for our minds, but yet we\'re allowed to watch movies on how HIV is spread!?

Am I the only one who thinks here? Please people look at the big picture, who gives a damn about our fucking futures when our future as a country isn\'t secured?

Do my teachers see the big picture? How about all you people out there who spread anti-war anti-military shit? What will you do now? I swear to god if I see an anti-war anti-military person i\'m going to punch them in the face, why because we have our guy\'s over there fighting for us, for our country, for what the forefathers believed in. If there was ever a time to support our troops now is the time.

Please I wish I could wake up tommorrow and see a great big victory with no lossess sign flashing on the t.v. , but chances are I wont, our country has entered a great campagin to prove to the world that freedom will allways succeed over hate and enslavement. Support our troops they are fighting for us. Before you go to bed, wiether your religous or not pray for our troops, because a war cannot be won without support here at home.

Remember when you plan your future by doing the homework rather then hearing the war updates, that no matter how you plan the future ahead of you that if you don\'t fix the problems in front of you there will be no future.

Think today not tommorrow.

See the big picture.

Support our troops.

And may god bless america and our troops.


Favio Garcia