The US House of Representatives has impeached President Clinton on December 18, 1998. For my essay, this topic will start with the Lewinski investigation. The House Judiciary committee has held hearings on perjury and obstruction of justice. They got most of their information from Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's report to Congress. Starr spent a lot of money in his investigation, which took over three years. He investigated the allegations that were brought up from past incidents.
The Judiciary Committee passed four articles of impeachment but only two were passed by the full House. I believe if the democrats had the majority in the House, there would be no impeachment right now, it was a partisan decision and the republicans are happy now. Article one alleges President Clinton "willfully provided perjurious, false and misleading testimony" before Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's grand jury on Aug. 17. Article three alleges Clinton "prevented, obstructed and impeded the administration of justice and has to that end engaged personally, and through his subordinates and agents, in a course of conduct or scheme designed to delay, impede, cover up and conceal the existence of evidence and testimony" related to the Jones case. The article lists seven alleged acts of obstruction of justice.
The White House hasn't said too much on the topic. On December 19, President Clinton said, "That approach was rejected today by Republicans in the House, but I hope it will be embraced by the Senate. I hope there will be a constitutional and fair means of resolving this matter in a prompt manner." The President wants to get all of this behind him, he has made a personal misjudgment and this is not a public matter.
Now, the impeachment goes to the United States Senate. All 100 senators will act as the jury in the trial. The Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, William Rehnquist, will "preside" over the trial but he will have no power according to the constitution. The House of Representatives will have three days to present their case and the White House will have three days to present their case. The senators will have two days to ask questions then there will be a vote to adjourn. If they get three fourths of the senate to vote to adjourn, then the trial is all over and President Clinton will be acquitted. Many people think the Senate will vote for censure.
I think that the public has already spoken. In last November's election, the American people voted to remove five republicans from the House of Representatives and replaced them with five democrats. That should have been enough to tell the republicans that the public does not want their President impeached especially a President who they voted into office twice.