The United States of America is a machine. It needs fuel to start, yet once it does, it can support the people of the United States and people all over the world. The United States supports its territories by using the land as food supply and military outposts. In turn U.S. territories receive money to support their nearly independent governments and military protection provided by the U.S.
The U.S. has been an immense help in all of its territories. The Northern Mariana Islands, Virgin Islands, Corregidor, Line Islands, Midway Islands, Rawaki and Wake Islands have benefited greatly from U.S. presence. On most of these islands, military bases were set up to protect the islanders and provide half-way points between other countries and the United States. This helped the local peoples and the people of the United States. Also, on some of these islands, the U.S. set up farming projects to supply the mainland with food and enable money to arrive on the island. The United State’s presence on these territories saw little controversy and was welcomed by the locals. In Cuba, Nicaragua and the Philippines the U.S. also provided great help for the people, yet local extremists wanted to end all U.S. intervention. The views of these extremists did not reflect the views of the population of the island. I have a message for these extremists, these desperadoes.
(I snap, turn on the CD)
Nicaragua decided the best way of getting attention for their cause was by killing innocent Americans. This is why their government is an outcast in their own land. Killings innocents is no way to run a country and is why America can’t let the government of Nicaragua run itself. The United States was a great provider in the Philippines. Yesterday the Philippines stated "The U.S. gave us many things we otherwise couldn’t have, yet were racists." We were called racists by the Philippines yet no proof was given for this accusation. I am appalled that a country that the United States provided so much for would say such a lie. Cuba is a even better example of why some governments shouldn’t be allowed to rule. Cuba was under Spanish control and being oppressed. Cuba revolted and the U.S. government intervened on behalf of Cuba. This lead to the Spanish-American War. Eventually, Spain relinquished sovereignty over Cuba to the Americans. Cuba was officially property of America at this time. American felt it would be in the best interest of the Cuban people if Cuba was run by a separate government from the United States, yet still followed U.S. legislation. While under U.S. control yellow fever, was eradicated and the economy was tripled. When Cuba violently took control, they took many loans that they couldn’t pay back and robbed money form their people. The United States stepped in and peace was restored.
Many small nations can’t survive by themselves. The United States has a policy that if a territory wants to become part of the United States, all that must take place is a simple vote. If a U.S. territory doesn’t want to be involved with the United States, we will leave if it is in the best interest of the people in that country.
To end I’d like to give a perfect example of how the entire world blames its problems on the United States. Lebanon stated that since the United States to enter their war, the people of the United States were idiots. First of all the United States has a policy of remaining neutral and secondly the only idiot is a person who cannot tell who they are fighting a war against.