Written: 08/4/96
Volume: 1

This document was written in Windows 95 Word Pad. The title
above, and some of the text looks a little screwed up when read in
anything else, so read it in Word Pad.
Anyway, for those of you who are wondering "what do the letters
"LOA" under his handle stand for?" Well, LOA stands for Legion Of the
Apocalypse, which is a group of elite hackers and phreakers in my area.
The current members of LOA are:

Revelation, Phreaked Out, Hack Attack, Electric Jaguar, and
Phreak Show

I started LOA when I discovered that there were many good
hackers and phreakers in my area. I thought that an organized group of
hackers and phreakers would accomplish much more than an individual
could by himself. Thus the Legion Of the Apocalypse was formed and has
been around for a while since. Our main goal is to show the public
what hacking and phreaking is all about and to reveal confidential
information to the hacking/phreaking community so that we can learn
more about computers, telephones, electronics, etc. We are hoping to
get our own World Wide Web page soon, so keep an eye out for it. It
will contain all of the hacking, phreaking, computer, telephone,
security, electronics, virus, and carding information that you could
possibly want.
Also, if some of you are wondering why I chose the word
Revelation as my handle, well, Revelation means revealing or
unveiling, which is exactly what I intend to do as a hacker/phreaker.
I intend to reveal all the information that I can gather while
hacking and phreaking.
Anyway, I wrote this document because I have read all the files
that I could get my hands on and noticed that there has never been a
really good file written that guided beginning hackers and phreakers
step by step.
When I began hacking and started reading all of the beginner
files, I still had many un-answered questions. My questions were
eventually answered, but only through LOTS of reading and practice.
In this file, I hope to give basic step by step instructions that will
help beginning hackers and phreakers get started. But, DO NOT think
that this will save you from having to read alot. If you want to be a
hacker/phreaker, reading is the most important thing you can do. You
will have to do ALOT of reading no matter what.
This document was intended for beginners, but it can also be used
as a reference tool for advanced hackers and phreakers.
Please distribute this document freely. Give it to anyone that
you know who is interested in hacking and/or phreaking. Post it on your
World Wide Web page, Ftp sites, and BBS\'s. Do whatever you want with it
as long as it stays UNCHANGED.
As far as I know, this is the most complete and in depth beginners
guide available, that is why I wrote it. Also, I plan to have new
volumes come out whenever there has been a significant change in the
material provided, so keep an eye out for them. LOA is planning on
starting an on-line magazine, so look for that too. And we are also starting a hacking business. Owners of businesses can hire us to hack into their systems to find the security faults. The name of this company is A.S.H. (American Security Hackers), and it is run by LOA. If you have any questions about this company, or would like to hire us, or just want security advice, please E-Mail A.S.H. at "[email protected]".
This document is divided into three main sections with many
different sub-sections in them. The Table Of Contents is below:

Table Of Contents:


A. What is hacking?
B. Why hack?
C. Hacking rules
D. Getting started
E. Where and how to start hacking
F. Telenet commands
G. Telenet dialups
H. Telenet DNIC\'s
I. Telenet NUA\'s
J. Basic UNIX hacking
K. Basic VAX/VMS hacking
L. Basic PRIME hacking
M. Password list
N. Connecting modems to different phone lines
O. Viruses, Trojans, and Worms


A. What is phreaking?
B. Why phreak?
C. Phreaking rules
D. Where and how to start phreaking
E. Boxes and what they do
F. Red Box plans
G. Free calling from COCOT\'s
H. ANAC numbers


A. Hacking and phreaking W.W.W. pages
B. Good hacking and phreaking text files
C. Hacking and phreaking Newsgroups
D. Rainbow Books
E. Hacking and phreaking magazines
F. Hacking and phreaking movies
G. Hacking and phreaking Gopher sites
H. Hacking and phreaking Ftp sites
I. Hacking and phreaking BBS\'s