The Trip to Jamaica

Brian Robeson was a thirteen-year-old boy that lived through an extraordinary experience. He lived in New York City for thirteen years until “it” happened. His parents divorced and Brian knew exactly why. It wasn’t just the fights that caused the break up, there was something else. One day when Brian was biking with his friend, he saw his mother with another man outside of the mall. After the split-up, Brian’s father moved up to Canada, where Brian was to visit him every summer. When summer came, Brian flew out to Canada, but his trip was ruined when the pilot had a heart attack. The plane crashed somewhere in the Canadian wilderness and Brian was forced to survive with only his hatchet. Brian spent two months alone, before he was found.

The reason I think that Jamaica is the place where Brian would like to go on his vacation is because it is a place that does not have many forests. After being stuck in the woods by himself for two months, I am sure that going somewhere with lots of forests would be the last thing on Brian’s mind. I also arranged that he would be going on the trip with both of his family members, so that they could spend a little time as a family again, and because he would need adult supervision on his trip. Brian would also like this trip because of the many recreational things he could do. Some examples of the things that Brian could do in Jamaica are scuba dive, water-ski, or stay at the hotel and enjoy the pool or go to the arcade. During his great survival, Brian lost seventeen percent of his body weight, so he would surely enjoy the great food at the excellent Sugar Mill. The last reason why I think Brian would relish this area is that it is romantic. By this, I mean that this would be a chance for his parents to get back together.