The topic I chose is Koalas. I chose this topic because they are cute, cuddly, and very interesting. I wanted to learn every piece of information about Koalas. Some of the facts that I wanted to know you are about to discover and learn all about Koalas in my report. Well here we go into the world of Kolas.
The name Koala means pouched bear it also means no drink. Koalas do not drink because they get their water out of eucalyptus tree leaves. There are some other names for the Koala. They include phaskolos, arktos, cinereus, and Phascolarctos cinereus. All of these names have a different meaning. Phaskolos, which is Greek, means pouch. Arktos, which is also Greek, means bear. Cinereus, which is Latin, means ash-colored. The Koala name means marsupial. A marsupial is an animal with a pouch in which the mother can carry her young.
The Gestation period of the Koala is thirty-four to thirty-six days. The baby Koala drinks its mother’s milk inside the pouch. The Koala goes back into the mother’s pouch when it gets cold. When the Koala is born it is nineteen millimeters in length and weighs about one-half a gram, which is about the size of a bee. Then at seven weeks the head of the Koala is twenty-six millimeters in length. The head is large in proportion to the rest of the body. At twenty-two weeks the eyes open and the baby Koala begins to poke its head out for the first time. The baby Koala is now twenty-four weeks of age. The cub is fully furred and the first teeth come through. At thirty weeks the Koala weighs about one kilogram and no longer enters the mothers pouch. The cub now spends most of its time on the mother’s back. At thirty-seven weeks the Koala moves from contact with its mother. At forty-four weeks the cub still ventures less than a meter from the mother. By the forty-eighth week, the cub is more ventures and now the mother and the cub are sleeping back to back. The cub remains with the mother until about twelve months of age. When the baby outgrows the mother’s pouch, it rides on her back until it is about one year old.
Koalas live in the eastern part of Australia, usually in eucalyptus trees of the eucalyptus forests. The Koala is sometimes inactive and often remains in the same trees for many days. The males are usually more active than the females and feed during the day. The females usually feed at nighttime. Koalas eat different many things. The Koala eats the leaves from eucalyptus trees, flowers, mistletoe, and box leaves. Occasionally Koalas eat Acacia costata tree, Bombax malabrica tree, Pinus radiata tree, Tristania conferta tree, and Tristania sauveolens tree. Another interesting fact about Koalas is that they are very picky eaters.
One other characteristics of the Koala is its fur is the thickest of the marsupials. The Koala’s life span is on average thirteen to eighteen years. Koalas die due to different reasons. On of them is the stress factor. Another is the Koala’s predator. Human beings hunt and kill the Koala for its fur. Today Koalas are protected everywhere in Australia. Anyone who hunts or kills a Koala will be punished severely. The greatest danger to the Koala is fire. This is the Koala’s worst danger because they cannot run fast enough to escape the fire. Because they are now protected, they are now safe and roaming freely.