The title of my book is Patrick Ewing. It was written by Paul Wiener. This biography tells us about the life of Patrick Ewing, and how he became one of the best basketball players. I chose this biography, because I wanted to learn more about Patrick Ewing. I consider him special, because he had to work very hard to achieve his dream.
Patrick Ewing was born in Kingston, Jamaica on August 5, 1962. He was the fifth of seven children and grew up in a very poor neighborhood just outside of Kingston. Dorothy Ewing, Patrick's mother, moved to the United States in 1971. Over th next few years Dorothy sent for family singly or in twos. Patrick arrived in January, 1975 at the age of twelve. When he came he attended Achievement School, a remedial school in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Patrick struggled academically in junior high school and then at Rindge and Latin High School. This was due to his thick Jamaican accent, as well as cultural differences between the United States and Jamaica. However, he kept working at his studies in order to please his mother who never stopped stressing the importance of education. Patrick greatly improved his reading and writing skills with the help of tutoring during the school year and extra classes in the summer.
When Patrick was growing up in Jamaica his favorite sports were soccer and cricket. One day, soon after moving from Jamaica, he passed a playground in Hoyt Park where some boys were playing basketball. Patrick watched the game and was asked if he would like to play. Although he did not know how to play, the boys were desperate to haave one more player so they let Patrick join the game. Patrick was awkward on the court and did not play well that day, but he immediately fell in love with the game. He began to play regularly and had soon improved dramatically. Patrick played his first organized basketball game in the seventh grade. He was already 6'1" in height and played point guard, but already he could dunk the basketball. By the eighth grade, he had sprouted up to 6'6" in height and his basketball play had begun to attract notice. He subsequently made himself into one of the top high school players in the nation.
During the summer before his senior year, Patrick was invited to try out for the United States Olympic basketball team. Although he did not make the team, the very fact that he had been invited to compete was an amazing achievement since no other high school basketball player had ever been asked to try out before. By his senior year, hundreds of colleges sought to recruit Ewing to play basketball. Ewing chose Georgetown, mostly because he wanted to play for its great coach, John Thompson. Ewing felt that he could learn a lot about playing basketball for Thompson. In addition Thompson had a reputation for making sure that his players performed well in the classroom and not just on the basketball court.
On May 12, 1985, the New York Knicks drafted Ewing. The Knicks signed Ewing to a 10-year contract worth $30 million. He would earn $1.7 million in his first season; the most ever paid to a NBA rookie. Ewing, who spent most of his childhood in poverty was now a wealthy man. But a big contract creates even greater expectations, and now more than ever, New Yorkers now expected him to turn the Knicks into a winning team. There would be a lot of pressure on the 23-year-old Ewing. In his first season he won Rookie of the Year honors. In 1989 he led the Knicks to its first Atlantic Division title in 15 years. Ewing had his best year statistically in 1990. He set a Knicks record with 2,347 points and 327 blocks. He also scored a career high 51 points in a game against the Boston Celtics.
By reading this biography I learned that achieving your goals is not always easy. You have to work very hard and put a lot of effort into it. I admire Patrick Ewing, because he worked hard to achieve his goals and he never gave up. On a scale of 1-10, I rate this biograhy a 10. I liked