The Story of the Little Prince is to the reader either a surface story or a deep abyss of meaning.

The novel can be perceived many different ways. The reader can look at the Prince’s adventures as a fun joyous adventure that of a kid’s imagination without looking into it, and in that the story has its strengths. It has strengths in being simply just an enjoyable, fun, easy book to read.

The reader can also read the story more symbolically by looking into things that when said or showed to the reader he/she can get meaning out of it. The little Prince challenges the reader to delve in to their mind and see how willing they are to let go of all preconceived notions of the world and imagine.

Most adults when reading the story have a first impression of either confusion or may even pass it off as a kid’s story, and some will understand what the story is trying to convey. Young adults will most likely read or listen to the book and ask, “why?. And look for reasons or meaning because of their curiosity and ignorance.

There are many instance where an adult might possibly pass possible significant reflections off as nothing and a young adult would find meaning. In the desert when the pilot is fixing his plane, there is a time when the little Prince is about to embark to an unknown well of water. The pilot sees the Prince wondering off and says, “Where are you going?” The little Prince replies, “to the well”, with great contentment. An adult might pass that off as simply just part of the plot. If they would ask, “why?” and read on they find that there is a curious Prince with and open mind clashing with the pilot who’s database of so called impossibilities tells him that there is no way a well could exist somewhere out in the desert. The pilot continues on by saying, “you’ll get lost and will never get back to the plane!” In the end it is the little Princes ignorance that finds them the well. A young adult will most likely ask, “why?” and probably try and find that meaning.

The little Prince is a book that can be enjoyed simply because its fun or because it has much meaning just waiting to be extracted from it. The way it is interpreted depends on who reads it. Hopefully, people are willing to look into it and not pass it off as just a crazy story.