The story of Beowulf is a time old tale passed on from generation to generation. The title comes from the hero of the story, Beowulf. Beowulf had herculean like strength, also whit and confidence. Inside he had a strong belief in God and a fervent sense of inner peace. His sense of peace becomes quite apparent as the story later develops into a enigmatic world where heroism and good always prevail. The three main "battles" that this poetical story leads you through are as follows; the opening battle with the ungodly monster Grendel, after which Beowulf brawls with a particularly disturbed mother, and last of all a skirmish left in the hands of fate.

Grendel was formed from the forces of hell, and molded with sin. Dark, mysterious, and malignant was the only way to describe this hellish creature. He thrived on the defenseless, and fed on the nieve people of Wrothgars palace. This continued for many years and for many lives until finally Wrothgar invites Beowulf a Geat, to Herot to return a favor. The favor needing done was of course to stop Grendel because no one from Herot had ever dared to tread in his path. But Beowulf wasn't afraid for he was confident in his abilities and put the rest of his trust in God. He was so confident he said he wouldn't even need a sword, because if Grendel doesn't need than neither did he. He waited in Herot until night fall when he would normally strike. After Beowulf led Grendel to think this was going to be an easy fight he attacked the savage beast. A long hard struggle for both of them took place but good prevailed as Beowulf tore off Grendel's arm sending him away shrieking in the pain which would seconds later send him to his final resting place. Beowulf hangs Grendel's arm high in Herots mighty walls for all to see, to remind them of the ghost that once haunted them.

Later on Grendel's fiendish mother heard of her son's death and soon began coming to Herot to avenge the death. With the new events starting to unfold Wrothgar quickly called upon the heroism of Beowulf, and of course the star seeking hero accepts. Grendels mother was also dark and malignant, as much, if not more so than her son. A witch coughed up from bowels of the underground. The witch learned from the death of her son and forced Beowulf come into her underwater lair. Beowulf begins his swim to the cavern with Runting in hand, when he arrives the witch was there, all ready to go. After one attempt at her with his sword he realizes Grendel must have cursed all of the weapons, because the sword had no effect on the horrifying woman. Seeing the hero's downfall the witch wastes no time and begins to claw and pry and Beowulf, but the thickness of his chain mail was to great for the nails of the beast. Frantically he scrambles for a sword he sees on the wall. The sword was formed by the giant, thus Grendels curse was ineffective on it. Wasting no time, Beowulf stabs it in the terrifying witch, leading her to her perilous death. After which he staggers over the corpse of Grendel and hacks of the head to take to king Wrothgar. He then returns home to the Geats, full of fame and riches. After which he becomes king of the Geats.

Fifty winters after the battles of Grendel and the Witch, a dragon begins tormenting and harassing the Danes because of someone stealing from his lair. So once again Beowulf is called upon to save the day. Beowulf accepts although he doesn't think fate will be on his side this time.
So he assembles a team of men and heads to the dragon with a shield and the sword of the giants by his side. He took a stab at the mighty dragon and his mighty sword breaks. Then he knew fate wasn't on his side. The dragon begins violently thrashing while throwing flames. This injures Beowulf badly. When his team of men see this they all flee, except for one who's name is Wiglaf. Wiglaf stays and slays the dragon, saving Beowulf's dimming life. As Beowulf begins his slow