The story Jurassic Park, by Michael Crichton takes place on a small island
near Costa Rica, itís about a park full of dinosaurs created by Dr. Hammond. The
dinosaurs are locked in large cages with electric fences. But as the mathematician
Ian Malcolm predicted, nature cannot be controlled. They find this out when the
security system goes out. They soon lost the electric fence and the dinosaurs started
to escape. They try to restore the power and are successful but it did not matter
since the dinosaurs were already loose.
The dinosaurs start to cause a lot of trouble, even with the power restored.
They determine that there is nothing they can do. They decide to leave the island by
The book is much different then the movie. The book goes in more detail
about the genetic engineering of the dinosaurs. The book also makes Ian Malcolmís
theory that nature canít be controlled nor predicted more valid. In the end of the
book version the island actually survives for a while after the power goes out.
I liked the movie more because I saw that first and it made the book seem
strange. I would recommend reading Jurassic Park. It starts right in the beginning
with suspense and action.