The State of Missouri

For numerous reasons The State of Missouri should not secede from the union. Slaver, the number one problem in the union, is cruel and immoral, because of the very long days and the labor-intensive work. There are many occasions were the subject of seceding is dealt with in the constitution, and also in the Declaration of Independence. Lastly the most important reason why Missouri should not secede from the union is the very many advantages of the North and its economy. I conclude that these heinous acts and Northern advantages should ease The State Of Missouri to not secede from the union.

Missouri should realize the cruelty and immortality of slavery before it gets any worse than it already is. A southern slave owner himself proves one of the largest reasons. William Byrad II’s diary clearly says “I say my prayers and ate milk for breakfast. I walked outside to see my people [slaves] at work at the ditch. I read a little geometry. I walked to the ditch again. In the evening I ate mutton [sheep] for dinner. I walk to the ditch again. In the evening I say my prayers.” This says basically he checks in early in the morning and late at night if the slaves are still working, and this means they work all day, that is clearly not right! Also there is an offensive law against slaves, it is “You may kill any runaway slave resisting capture.” This is like saying that murder is legal and anybody could just walk up and kill you, also Slaves are human beings, just like us. “Acres at a time were owned by [cotton plantation] farmers”. “Planters crowded every spot with cotton pants… You might have traveled all day without seeing a cornfield of any importance.” That’s like modern days saying, “You could go a whole day without seeing a town of any importance”, and that only occurs in very rural places. To get to a point, imagine working 18 hours 7 days a week and not get paid a cent. There are constant discriminations of these slaves, JUST BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF THERE SKIN! That’s ridiculous, because most of the Slaves are probably smarter than there Slave owners themselves! So if you ever think that slavery isn’t a bad thing, then the state of Missouri will be, put away to be in misery just like the other southern states that believe in discriminating and killing good innocent people.

The State of Missouri is breaking the law if they are planning or going to secede from the union. Section Ten of Article One in The Constitution clearly says in the first paragraph Absolute Restrictions that “NO State shall enter into any treaty, alliance, or confederation, [produce] coin money, or emit bills of credit.” Already the southern States are clearly breaking the law. Also Section Three of Article Three states in clear words in “Treason against the United States of America shall consist only in levying war against them, or adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” This clearly gives the Union the right to forcefully take away rights from the south, and proves that the south is breaking the law. So if the State of Missouri is going to Secede think of what you are doing to the people.

Lastly the most