The Spanish Earth

David Dyer
Span 44

Although the “newsreel” section is fairly short, it provides a great illustration of how passionate and emotional people were about the war. The best example of this is La Pasionaria, which means the passionate one. She is a great woman leader who calls for a unification of all women to aid the cause of the Republic. One can see just by her body language that she has strong political ideas and that she plans on spreading them without hesitation. Her belief is that emotions will win the war.
Alike, La Pasionaria, many others came to fight the war because of their strong beliefs. For instance, Reglar came all the way from his homeland in Germany to fight for his ideals. He uses his passion to lead and unify the people’s army. Other great leaders seem to rise from nowhere to lead people into a battle. Enrique Lister, a former stone mason, became a leader of a division after only six months. One can see his intensity just by looking at the images of him speaking.
The “newsreel” scene also exemplifies the diversity of the Republican’s army. La Pasionaria represents all the women fighting for the cause. Lister, Diaz and Carlos are men who once labored for a living and now have to lead their people to fight for a Spanish democracy. And lastly, Regler is only one of the many international supporters who came to Spain to fight fascism. Only emotion and passion can unify such a diverse population to fight for the same cause.