The Smell of Neutrality

There is a place in this world where religion, race, and sex all collide. Where mystery flows
abundantly, and your emotions overflow with the sensation of everything and everyone that has been there
before you. Upon entering my sacred domain your mind becomes clouded with confusion. You smell the
mixture of cleaning supplies and solutions made by man to be the judge, jury, and executioner of odors.
Mixed in with them flows the night wind bringing with it the smell of the trees, the flowers waiting in the
field across the way, and the beauty of nature. That great collision between God and man itself with the
outcome being one great neutral emotion. All of these aromas mixing together not caring one about the
other. And not trying to override one with the other, but instead just combining to create the neutrality of
this one smell. This one familiar essence that all men smell as they enter into my motel lobby. Where the
combination of the world has been, and where thes!
e aromas shall forever stay. Where people from far and near bring with them there own stench, and there
own tantalizing mark of nature. A place where women have spread there un-natural perfumes, and men
have sprayed their poisonous colognes. Where the stench of the repugnant flows freely, and the smell of
the neutral lies abound.

Is this the true union of man, where we are not held back by emotions and ways of life? Instead we are
allowed to flow freely in the air becoming one. A place where it doesn\'t matter if you are a famous movie
star adored by millions, and showered with riches covered in expensive perfumes. Whether you are the
reflection - a nasty smelly bum that has been ruined by his own society. He has been cast out not just
because of his looks and the filth and grime that resides on him, but by his stomach churning stench. We
cry out "He stinks", as he comes closer to us with his clothes tattered, and hands wavering in the air
begging for a mere dime. And because this man stinks, doesn\'t bathe, and hasn\'t the ability to purchase the
man made perfumes that we adorn ourselves with. We take and we tear him down. We rip out this man\'s
inner being. We compare it to that of our own, and exalt ourselves, as we were kings of this aroma. When
we are nothing, but a great facade. We are the !
fakes, and not the natural. This man whom we hate for being that which he simply is. Even though he is
the truth and the natural, with his stench that makes us look at him in disgust. He to is part of the smell that
resides here. We look into this world, and find many different aromas. One place that they all come, and
where they all collide is in the residing of my motel lobby. Where the fragrance of beauty meets the stench
of disgust there is a neutral zone between man and nature. Where-upon no fragrance rules over the other,
but instead neutrality rules supreme.