The show Home Time is about people that show other people how to fix things. The things that are be shown how to be fix or built are things that many people hire others to do. This can add up to a lot of money. The show, shows them how to do it them selves. In the following you will learn how to save, build and fix things. I think the whole purpose is to save people money. Other wise it can be a reason to show people, if they want, how to fix and build things, if they are in to that kind of stuff.
The reality of this show is very real because they show them building and fixing things right in front of you, as they talk about what they are doing. If this show was fake then I'm sure a lot of people who watch the show would be mad because it shows the how to fix and build things. If they were lying then I 'm sure that they could get sued. If what they show is real then I'm sure a lot will be happy for saving money and now knowing one more thing. Reality can come to many extents, if they mean by how real or what is real in the show. This is about the realist you can get. They might of done some editing, but it is all real.
The main purpose of this show is to get people to watch and learn. In another words its another learning channel. If they want people to watch so that the people can save money, then they are doing a good job. They build things fix things. All the stuff that they fix of build are around or in the house. It is almost odveus what they work on because of the title.
When the show comes on it is about 3-4 p.m. It can be for future home builders but, its real target audience is mature adults, middle to high income, and male. The reason it is on the mature male adults is because they are in to that kind of stuff. They, also have the money to do they stuff that they do on the show. The reason it is male is because they think that they know how to do that kind of stuff. I'm sure a lot know how to do that stuff, but there are cant that don't.
As I watched the show, it looked boring. Well I got in to it and watched it to the end.
Now I'm sure that this stuff will not help me, but just in case. I now know how to put a electronically garage door opener on and put in a spa.
The reason I did this one is because it can be interesting to others and boring to the others.
In conclusion I would like to say that there are many people that this can help. Some people are rocks and have no idea what to do. Now from this show they will learn how to do the things that they never thought would be that easy. Still the projects may take time, but in the long run it will pay out. Not out of your pocket either.