The Senate Tuesday readied for opening arguments in President Clinton’s impeachment trial, with the White House saying the case against him read like a “cheap mystery’’ with shifting charges.
The 13 House of Representatives prosecutors will begin making their case Thursday on why Clinton should be removed from office for perjury and obstruction of justice charges stemming from his affair with Monica Lewinsky.
But the White House launched an attack on the 105-page trial brief filed by the House Monday, which alleged an ‘’overwhelming’’ case for the two articles of impeachment.
The White House formally denied the charges in its own 13-page document Monday and is scheduled to submit a longer brief Wednesday laying out its defense in only the second presidential impeachment trial in history.
Senate Assistant Republican Leader Don Nickels of Oklahoma warned senators not to prejudge the case before evidence was heard in the first presidential impeachment trial since President Andrew Johnson beat conviction by one vote in 1868.
“I think it would be wrong for anybody, Republican or Democrat, to announce their position; announce that they’ve already determined what the evidence is. I just think that’s very premature.’’
It rejected articles alleging perjury in the Paula Jones sexual harassment deposition and abuse of power.
But Lockhart said the House muddied the waters by alleging Clinton obstructed justice by lying in the Jones case, resurrecting an issue he said had been laid to rest when the House voted not to charge Clinton with perjury in that case.
In Monday’s submission, the House managers argued the president lied repeatedly under oath in his deposition in the Jones case, and thereby obstructed justice in that case.

Few expect the Senate to muster the 67 votes needed to remove Clinton from office.

n my opinion Clinton should not get impeached because impeachment is for bigger things like crime’s and things like that. I think that he should resign so he can get all of the stuff the ex presidents get. I also think that he shouldn’t have lied under oath and cheated on his wife but they should wait tell he is done with his term. I don’t think that he will get impeached from the Senate because of all of the democrats. He is a good president in my mind for all of the things that he has done and I hope he does not get impeached. If he does get impeached I think that it will be bad for his county because Al Gore is a retard.