The secession of the southern states appointed Jefferson Davis as the President and commander-in-chief. As commander-in-chief, he was responsible for bragging victory and independence. The task of defending the confederacy was one of enormous proportions, involving a military frontier that stretched thousands of miles including coastline that could be attacked at any time. Davis distributed these forces of the confederacy around the rim of its territory. This meant placing our soldiers to important cities and forts that were necessary for victory. The men who were in charge at the outbreak of war were General Pierre Beaureguard and Joseph Johnston. Beaureguard was the one who took Fort Sumter; he was a professional soldier and highly regarded as a leader. The South faced a Union that was greatly superior in manpower and economic resources. During the war over 1.5 million men served in the Union army, while 1.1 million men served under the confederacy. The strategies of these two men were defensive. This was to reflect in the people's desire to be left alone and become a separate nation. The north wanted to reestablish the union and pushed the fight and in doing so many of the battles were fought in the south. Many of the generals during the civil war graduated form West Point military academy. At the break of the war these men chose the sided that they would fight for. Since they knew each other quite well generals were acquainted with their opposing general on the battlefield. I find it amazing that the Southern Generals were able to prolong the civil war with all the difficulties and shall prove this.
The Union army believed that the war would be over in weeks, they had conscripted men for only ninety days. The first major battle of the civil was Bull Run of the battle of Manassas. During the battle everything went wrong for both sides. It marked the end of the ninety-day militia and the end of a short and bloodless war. After this battle things got serious. General Beaureguard was at Manass knowing that Union troops were coming.
He then ordered his men to attack first and catch the Union army ofguard. This was a complete disaster. Luckely the Confederate army was in no bettershape than the Federal Army. Forming a new line Beaureguard was able to hold the Confederate line for only awhile, as he was pushed back. As one of Beareguard's officers. General Bernard tryied to rally his men saw General Jackson standing there and Bernard shouted "There is Jackson standing like a stone wall…. Rally behing the Virginan." This changed the momentem of the battle as fresh trooops porred into the battle and truned the Federal attack into a retreat. The Union attack had failed. The Confederate high command was happy with the victory that they had won and men now belived that their independnce might be a reality. For the north now would have to build a new army before any new campaine could be mounted against Richmond in the south. The actions of one Confederated General had changed the out come of one battle and the entire war.