The Scarlet Letter Essay assignment

In the following I'm going to compare and contrast Hester &
Pearl. They are characters from the book The Scarlet Letter a
Novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne. This book takes place back in
The 1700's in a puritan colony where they have strict rules and
Religious beliefs.
Hester is a young English woman. She and her husband (Roger
Chillingworth) lived in Amsterdam a few years before the novel
Takes place. Her husband sent her to the puritan colonies, and
Said he would join her shortly, as soon as he finished a few
Business plans he had to take care of.
When the novel begins Hester has been living in Boston
For two years and has been found guilty of bearing a bastard
Child whose father is unknown. The punishment for her sin
Is that she is forced to wear a scarlet "A" on the breast of
Her dress, and to stand on a public "Scaffold" in front of the
Pearl is Hester and reverend Dimmesdale's illegitimate daughter.
Pearl was given her name because she was, as it were, purchased
At a great price -"all she [Hester] had." Hester soon finds out that
Pearl cannot "be made amenable to rules," and she is afraid that
Pearl's personality was formed "during that momentous period
While Pearl was imbibing her soul from the spiritual world and
Her bodily frame from its material of earth."
Throughout the book Pearl becomes the living manifestation of
Hester's sin; Hester sees her as "endowed with a million-fold the
Power of retribution for my sin!" When Hester takes the scarlet
Letter off her dress when they are out in the forest with reverend
Dimmesdale , Pearl insists that Hester return the scarlet letter to her
Dress. Pearl also receives a hefty inheritance from Chillingworth
When he dies. And at the end of the novel, she is believed to be
To be living in Europe as the wife of a member of nobility.
Hester and Pearl are a lot different in personalities
And the way they look. Hester is nicer and more easy going it seems
Than Pearl. Also she doesn't really care what the townspeople think
Of her because she knows that what they think is not really a big deal
Because she wants to live her own life and not have to think that all
Of the things she does are bad, and doesn't want to be made to think
That Pearl is a product of her sin.

Pearl and Hester are also different because of the way
They act and intervene with people and animals. Pearl acts mean
Towards the towns children because they would make fun of her and
Do things to get her upset. So how she handled it was to throw things
At them and yell and scream obscenities and other foul things at them. I think that Hester would have handled differently because
Of the way she is. She probably would have just ignored them or made a small comment to them and keep going on her way.
Hester also has respect for things like things that
People do and believe. Pearl on the other hand does not have
That much respect for other peoples' beliefs and practices.
An example of this would be like when Pearl, Hester, and
Dimmesdale are down at the seaside Pearl is setting animals,
And other thing's out of the water, and pokes them with sticks
And also pulls the legs off crabs. Another example of her
Behavior is when she makes the "A" out of seaweed and puts it
On the chest of her dress, also later in the novel when they are
Out in the forest again Dimmesdale kisses Pearl on the head and
She is so disgusted that she runs back down to the stream and
Frantically scrubs the spot on her forehead where he kissed her.
Later when Hester calls for her to come Pearl ignores her because
Hester took the scarlet "A" off of her chest , and that was how Pearl
Was used to seeing her mother so she said she wouldn't come back
Until Hester put the "A" back upon her dress.
I think that Pearl should have a little more respect for other people
And not do some of the things she does or says. But I also think
That Hester shouldn't have done some of the things she did either.
I think that worst sinner and hypocrite in the novel is Dimmesdale
Because of what he