The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the heroine is admired
becuase of her strong will, and disregard for other's views of her.
Hester Pryne displays her best qualities when she stands up to
Governor Bellingham and his gang, when they confront her about her
daughter Pearl. Hester is a woman that is well ahead of her time,
she is vocal, proud, head-strong, and confident, in an age where
women were to be seen and not heard. She was deeply admired by all
the townspeople, despite her adultrous past, and public shame of
wearing a scarlet "A" upon her breast. Hester is a victim of a crime
which was severly punished despite the fact that she could only be
accountable for half of the incident. She was forced into the
marriage of a man she did not love, and after being seperated for a
long amount of time, she became attracted to another man. Hester is
much stronger then her partner in adultry, Dimmesdale, who bottles
up his guilt inside, and eventually dies due to the suffering he
endures, at keeping the event a secret. Hester endures her
punishment without a word against it, and grows from it, making
her stronger and a woman to be admired from her puritan counterparts,
and women today.