‘The Rose Room’ by Jordan McCracken

I looked at my watch, it read 9:32. ‘Oh No’ I thought, I had set my alarm for 9am. I got butterflies in my stomach as I rushed round to the bathroom, got washed and grabbed my bag and packed lunch. I looked up at the clock in the living room, it was a quarter to ten and then I flew out the door.

I made my way down to the local youth club, I saw a bus full of screaming kids, I thought to myself ‘here we go again’. Every six months we have a weekend trip to somewhere around the country, this time its to Donegal, last time it was Newcastle and the time before the was the Giants Causeway.

I got on to the bus.

‘About time Jack’ Gary the youth leader smirked,

‘Sorry about that, I slept in you see’ I said as I slipped into a seat,

‘Right ok, I guess we are ready to go now’ he said with relief, ‘Right we can go now Gerald’ he shouted to the bus driver.

‘What?’ murmured Gerald,

‘We can go I said’ Gary raised his voice as walking towards the front of the bus’,

‘Sorry what are you saying’ Gerald said while turning round to face Gary,

‘DRIVE, for Gods sake, DRIVE’ Gary spat at him.

The bus sped off. I was sitting beside my friend Chris. We hardly spoke, I was very tired, I only got up 45 minutes ago.

‘This weekend is going to be so cool, I can hardly wait. What do you think we’ll be doing first?’ Chris asked as if he was going to explode,

‘I don’t know, we might go down to the beach and look in the caves, I have never been here, so I don’t really know what there is to do’ I said yawning.

‘I am glad its sunny, hopefully we will get a good day tomorrow too’ Chris said in a much more calmer voice.

It was the middle of the summer, the sun was blinding me through the skylight of the bus. I was glad it was sunny, its just I was sweltered in the bus, with about 30 other kids all screaming and cheering, I was getting a headache.

We passed a sign, it read: ‘2 miles to Donegal’.

‘Thank God we are nearly there’ I said with a smile, the first smile I had managed a smile all day.

Ten minutes later, we pulled up at this stone house with great big gardens. There were a mysterious mass amount of rose bushes, much more than I have ever seen before. There was a beautiful young woman in the garden. She was tending to the roses, watering them, pulling weeds out from around them, I smiled but she just gave me a very withdrawn look as if she was just so interested in the roses. I turned to Chris to tell him but he was getting his bag from the compartment above our seats.

‘Pass me my bag, would you please Chris?’ I asked

‘Yeah sure, have you woken up from your daydream then?’ He replied passing me my bag.

‘Oh I am sorry I was hardly any fun on the bus Chris’ I said as we walked of the bus.

‘Don’t worry about it Jack, plenty of time to make up for it now’ he said reassuringly.

We followed Gary through these great big white doors with black rose patterns all over them. We were suddenly in a large hall with varnished wooden floor and two grand staircases at either end. Gary allocated our rooms, we were room nine, up the stairs we went with room ten occupants Mark and James. Chris and I were sharing a room. We entered room nine and I unpacked some clothes I had packed for tonight and tomorrow. Then I looked around our room. There was a glass door leading out to a small balcony, with two white chairs, they had that black rose pattern on them like the front door of the building.

That evening we were all supposed to go to the beach about a mile down the road at about eight. I really didn’t feel up to it so I just sat in my room, I had brought my little brothers game boy