The role of Boxer exemplifies the nature of the Russian working class as a the tragic slave-like people. A
people who never complain about their work and never credibly question the authority of the state. When
the peasants were too old to produce for the state they were cast aside, as were used commodities, having
little more than propaganda value.

The main conflict in this book is between the animals, and the pigs The pigs wish to enslave the animals.
The pigs with superior guile win the conflict and use the animals labor to their benefit.

At the Battle of Cowshed Mr. Jones unsuccessfully invaded Animal Farm with a band of hooligans to try to
take back the farm. Snowball showed his bravery and capable leadership. The animals revealed their unity.
Napoleon was little to be seen.

Napoleon blamed Snowball and the humans for all of the animals problems. He cast blame on others to
increase the loyalty shown towards him by the other animals.

Animal Farm did not live up to its ideals. The animals with the exception of the pigs gained no benefit
from the revolution. The pigs displaced the humans as the beneficients of the animals labors. The
following generation of animals aside from the pigs were worse off than in the days of Jones. The honesty
and unity of the revolution was betrayed by the evil machinations of the pigs

Old Major was the instigator who sparked the concept of Animalism. His ideas launched the revolution that
brought about the initial reality of Animal Farm.

The animals obeyed without question or thought. Napoleon realized on the birth of the puppies that they
could be a great tool for imposing political will. The dogs were Napoleonís enforcers. They were the tools
he used to implant fear into the hearts and souls of the animals.

The parallel to Stalinísí five year plans was the building of the windmill. the outcome of the windmill was
that the hard labor of the animals was wasted on poor planning. A poor design that was destroyed by the
humans. In the end if the men hadnít blown it up only the pigs would have benefited from the fruits of the
animalís work.
The theme of Animal Farm is that Socialism especially as was practiced in the USSR was a horrible lie.
The stated outcomes of Socialism that each shall provide to his ability and that all shall be provided for to
their needs is contrary to natural expectation. men are not equal in every way. As with Orwellís animals
men represent every level of intelligence and morality. Men often as did the pigs immorally apply their
natural gifts to advantage over their less endowed brethren. Socialism implies a well developed good in
men that must be universally applied to achieve itís stated outcomes. As long as there are the Pigs of
Orwellís creation and people like them Socialism can only be reflected in a scenario such as that of Animal