“The Road Not Taken”
February 10, 2004

The poem “The Road Not Taken”, by poet Robert Frost is about a man who goes through the woods and has to choose between two paths, one grassy and un-trampled, the other with no grass, has tons of leaves and was trodden black. He decides to take the less trodden one and liked his decision. Robert Frost says this by writing, “And that has made all the difference [positive difference]” because once you make a decision you cannot turn back and make another decision. Just as when you take one path on a trail and don’t like it, you can’t turn back and go on the other path.

But, the really wonderful thing about poems is that there is another, greater meaning, the symbolic meaning, about a man that is going through life and has to make an important decision about his career. The man, who is really Robert Frost, decides to take the career of poetry, a career not taken by many and does not hold the riches of some jobs.

The narrator in this poem is the author, Robert Frost, talking about his career choice. He is directing his poem to all of us, but I think especially to those who have to make a choice about a career. It is telling them not to choose a career measured by fame, or money, but to choose your career based on how much you would enjoy that career. I think that Robert Frost conveys his message very well by hiding in words that symbolize things such as the “yellow wood.” This tells us the season is fall, the season of change. Also, Robert Frost says “that morning equally…” morning is the time of awakening and of beginning his career choice and would also be a new beginning for him. In addition, when Robert Frost is describing the less traveled trail he says things like “In leaves no step had trodden black” this says that no one had gone on the trail that Robert took in a long time, because when someone steps on wet leaves they will turn black and the trail was not black. Robert Frost also uses rhyme structure in his poem. The rhyme sounds like someone’s footsteps and is used just to help you follow along (see the stanza below to see the rhyme scheme.)

I think that Robert Frost had written this poem because he, again, wants to tell people to use their own judgment in making any decision whether it is what to wear for the day or in choosing your career. Don’t do what others do just because that is what is normal or “cool,” decide on how you truly feel just as Robert Frost said,

A. “I shall be telling this with a sigh

B. Somewhere ages and ages hence:

A. Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-

A. I took the one less traveled by,

B. And that has made all the difference.”

I think that this is a great poem because it reminds us to be our own person and to not worry about what others may be doing. I think that everyone should read this poem at least once in his or her lives because, it teaches us a lesson to be ourselves. He is not saying it is bad to follow what other people are doing because that is how some people make their decisions. He is just saying that to him being himself helped him make the right choice as he would say, “I shall be telling this with a sigh” because he is relieved that he had made the right choice. “The Road Not Taken” is a great poem and is just one of the many wonderful poems ever written.