The Red Badge of Courage

By Stephen Krein

Henry Flemming is a boy that has dreamed about joining the army to fight the civil war for his country, he had always imagined it being adventurous and heroic.

Henry Flemming has mainly two character traits that arre most dominant. One character trait is unfulfilled; I say this because Henry is always hoping for something that doesn’t happen and by this he gets upset, for example after Henry had just enlisted as a volunteer for the war, without his mothers knowledge, he went to his mother, and while she was milking a cow and peeling potatoes, he explained to her how he had enlisted, but prior to this he had hoped his mother give him a grand speech but as the book says “…under the ordeal of this speech, it had not been quite what he expected…”, but after telling her the news she did not even turn to look at him, only to tell him that he had do what’s right and that she had packed him some clothes. Also while marching he had expected to be many enemy soldiers in which they would start a fierce battle until it came down do one side winning, but all that had happened was that they marched for hours, but once fighting had begun it had not been what Henry had been expecting, instead it was a battle he could not take place in.

Henry’s other trait would have to be confused. This is said as Henry does not know what his next move will be, he plans out that he will do one thing, but when time comes he does not know what to do. An example of this would be when he was ready for battle and the enemy came, he had run instead of fight like he had dreamed and imagined of.