The quote that I have chosen to discuss is "Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify."
In our lifetime we focus on the details of life, by details I mean that we are to concerned with material wealth and what society thinks of us. Society may think people are poor materialistically but they might be the wealthiest people of them all. What I am saying is society has a clutter of cobwebs in front of our faces. All that we can see is the value of material things; the things that are real wealth are the simple things like nature, family love and happiness. It is not just the material things. It is also striving to reach a goal to please someone else. Like worrying about your G.P.A, staying at a job that you do not like, and working hard to please your boss who does not seem to know whom you are.
Thorton Wilder used the simplicity theme in his play " Our Town". I think that Wilder brought across one of Thoreau's view. A prime example is when Emily revisited her twelfth birthday. She did not miss the pretty dresses or the gifts she received, she missed the coffee, the white fence, the smell of breakfast, the beauty of her mother, her father's voice. The little simple things were more of a value to her rather than the material things.
This quote does have an affect on me because it shows how some people live. In today's generation, all the kids want the name brand apparel to look cool. When you are a young adult, you wear a nice outfit that is uncomfortable yet you wear it to please someone else. Also you drive this expensive car and it is for status. When you mature you wear things for comfort like a flannel shirt and jeans, you drive the family minivan. You simplify things to make your life more enjoyable.
I went through that same phase and I realized that those are not the important things. The important parts of life are family, friendship, and making yourself happy. Weekend skiing with my family or playing "Memory" with my sister. Some people do not grow out of that phase where they need the material things to have friends and be happy or all they do is work work work. This quote by Thoreau has the same meaning as " Money can't by you love". You have to please your self because what you do is important if it makes you happy. You could be pumping gas and be happy with your life.