The Prince and the Pauper

1. Discuss the significance of the title.

The title of this book is important because it gives a reference on what
the book is about. The Prince and the Pauper is about the Prince of Wales
and a pauper changing identities with each other.

2. State a trait of the character in the book; then discuss an incident that
reveals that trait.

The pauper, Tom Canty is a poor boy who steels money and other
things to live with his father and mother in a very poor part of London. John
Canty, Tomís father told him if he didnít come home with food and chillings
he would get whipped. So Tom went out and stole the coins but got caught
by a guard. The Duke of England, feeling sorry for the boy, let him go as
long as he didnít get caught by the guards again.

3. In the course of the story, do any characters change as a result of their
experiences or influence of other people, or are they are the same at the end
as they were at the beginning? Discuss.

The prince, Edward Tudor changes a lot in this book. When he
changes places with the pauper, Tom, he finds out how it feels to have no
money, be filthy, and have nobody believe him for anything that he says. At
the end of the story when Edward gets his thrown back, he remembers the
poor people in Tomís town and gives money and food to them.

4. Describe briefly two dramatic scenes that would make good material for a
preview, if a movie were made of this book.

The first scene would be when Miles Hendon, Edwardís best friend
fights all the people who were attacking Edward when he is the pauper.
Second, is when Miles fights for Edwardís thrown back. Then when
Edward fights the people of Milesí kingdom for Miles to get his thrown back.

5. What situation aroused your greatest feeling of suspense, and what was the
final outcome?

The situation that aroused my greatest feeling of suspense was when
the only way Edward as the pauper, could leave Edwardís fathers friends
hideaway, was to fight his way out. He then found his friend Miles at Milesí

6. Describe the main character. Does this character seem real to you?

I think that the Prince, Edward Tudor is the main character in this
book. Edward is the Prince of Wales and he is rich and loved. Edward
thinks that being a pauper would be fun and an adventure, almost like a
game. Edward learns that if you are a pauper nobody trust you or believes in
you. He learns that it is not fun nor fair to be treated horridly for your
This Character seems real to me because I think everything that
Edward does could be done today and that the mistakes that he makes about
judging the poor are also done today.

7. Describe a journey that someone made in the course of the story.

A journey made was when Edward as the pauper and his friend, Miles
went from the slums were the pauper lived to Miles castle. They journey was
long. When they got to the castle, the people kicked Miles out of his kingdom
because he had been arrested.

8. Describe the main setting of the novel.

The main setting of the story is in the most disreputable parts of
London, England and in the castle were the Prince lived between 1525 and

9. Do you think that the author had any serious purpose in writing this book?
Has it influenced your point of view or thinking in any way?

Yes, I think that the author had a serious purpose because it has a very
important point. The point is that it doesnít matter if you have money or not,
you should still be treated equal. It has influenced my point of view of people
without money that no matter what you have or donít have you are still a

10. If the book presents a problem, is the problem completely solved at the
end of this story?

One problem was the poor people were treated with disrespect. The
problem is solved at the end of this story because the Prince gives money and
food to the poor people, changing him into a better person. Having lived like
a pauper also changes the way he looked at people.

11. Would the book make a successful movie?