The Prince And The Pauper, by Mark Twain, is a fictional book containing 238 pages. The story takes place in London, England around the 1500’s.
This is a story about two young boys born on the same autumn day in England. Aside from those facts, life couldn’t have been more different for the two boys. Tom Canty was born to a poor family wearing rags, and to them he was just another mouth to feed. On the other hand, Edward Tudar was born in a beautiful palace. He was the new prince of England, so he was cared for by servants and doctors. One day as Tom was begging near the palace, he caught sight of the golden gates. When he tried to get a view of the palace, the guard hit him and told him to leave. Meanwhile, the prince was standing near by and heard the encounter. Because he was angry at the guard, he ordered Tom inside and switched clothes with him. Not realizing he was in rags he went to scold the guard. Without waiting for conversation, the guard threw him outside the palace gates. And so begins an interesting tale of mistaken identity.
This story taught me that the way a man dresses really doesn’t matter. Neither does his family background or how rich he is. This explains that all men are the same in God’s eyes. All men can achieve their goals with God’s help.
My favorite quote is when a bare headed, ragged boy say’s “I forbid you to set that crown upon that head!” he cried.”I am the king! I am Edward Tudor!”
My favorite part of this book was when they were about to crown Tom Canty. Then Edward Tudar rushed in and stoped the ceremony. He was later proven to be the real king of England. I also liked the characters in this book, I thought they were very interesting. I liked Miles Hendon the best for saving the king from a beating by John Canty, Tom’s father. This was a very interesting book that everyone should read. I would recommend The Prince And The Pauper to anyone who is looking for a good book to read. This book is especially interesting because it describes the lifestyle of a different time period.