The Power of Love

This creation story shows how so many things can happen through the power of love. “Your heart is not living until it has experienced pain…the pain of love breaks open the heart, even if it is as solid as rock.” – Hazret Inayat Khan

In the beginning, there was sun, and there was moon. In between the sun and the moon grew a heart--a heart of solid rock. This was because there were many arguments and fights between the sun and moon. The biggest issue they would fight about would be when it was their time to shine. When they fought, bits and pieces would fall from the moon, and that made the stars. Finally, they came to an agreement, which was that the sun would shine at day, and the moon would shine at night. Since the stars came from the moon, they shined along with the moon at night. The stars were with the sun during they day, but they were not visible, for the sun was too much brighter. The moon and the sun cherished the stars, for the stars reminded them of how it was when they fought. It made them learn that fighting was not the key.

As time passed, the moon and the sun fell in love. Since they loved each other so much, it was then when the rock solid heart broke open and formed the earth. The sun loved the moon so much that she wanted to show her love by making the earth beautiful. So during the day, the sun shined on the earth and what appeared were mountains, trees, plants, and a rainbow. The extra pieces of rocks from the heart grew into humans. As the humans matured, in their own hearts remained that rock from which they came. This is why humans today are greedy, selfish, unkind, careless, unlovable, etc. Their hearts of stone make them share no sympathy whatsoever. But not all were like that. The sun and moon did shine on certain people during the day and night. Those people were called “the chosen ones”. Few were chosen to keep the earth balanced so that evil would not overflow. But there would be times when evil did overflow, and that’s when it rained.