The Possibilities of Time Travel

by Gene Normwell

Time travel has been a topic of science fiction for decades, but
in the near future, time travel may become a reality. Since technology
has been advancing at such a concurrent rate, the prospect of time
travel seems ever so close. The verge of trans-genic time warp mutation
is drawing closer each day as scientists climb deeper into knowledge of
the space-time flux.
The space-time flux is based on the theory that all matter, and anti-
matter is held together by forces called nutrino forces. These nutrino
forces hold atoms together, and bond atoms in covalent and cohesive pi bonds.
The space-time flux theory states that if one of these bonds is broken, it
may set of a chain reaction which breaks other bonds near it. When these
bonds are broken, a gateway is opened. Scientists were able to open up a
gateway the size if ten molecules, but only for a kilosecond, when the bonds
resumed and the gateway closed. the reason that scientists are unable to
create a large gateway is that the gateways are highly unstable and can
collapse or expand at enormous rates. One such example is the disaster at Los
Alamos laboratory in New Mexico, where space-time flux research was being
conducted. Scientists attempted to create a gateway large enough to send a
probe through, but the gateway, unpredictable and unstable, began to expand.
the scientists were not able to control the gateway any longer and it engulfed
the laboratory before closing, leaving only the west wing in tact. The rest
of the lab was taken into the gateway along with the scientists. This kind of
disaster can be prevented through further research into these gateways.
Professor Carl Sagan of the Rochester Institute of Technology has been
conducting research in the field for some time. He states, "the field of time
travel is exciting and offers many productive possibilities."
He adds, "With the real threat of time travel warfare in the future, it may be
unwise to continue this research." His concerns are shared by others in the
field who feel that with the possibility of time travel approaching, warfare
may be altered, creating a \'time war\' fought be the major countries of the
world. Imagine if Germany sent warriors back in time to defeat the Ottoman
Turks before they were able to settle England. The present world would be
altered dramatically. That is not the only concern of time travel among
experts in the field. They also fear the use of time travel as terrorist
threats. If the space-time flux technology was to fall into the wrong hands,
the mass to mass ratio could be upset by any time travel. By upsetting any
mass to mass ratio, the inverse integer can cause nuclear reciprocity, hereby
rendering the cohesion forces of crystalline face-centered cubic structures
into negative energy. This energy cannot be controlled and would cause the sun
to go nova if not detected. This would cause the total destruction of the Earth
and all life in the solar system. Obviously this is a major concern that holds
back the progress of research into time travel. The government has put strict
limitations on the practice of breaching the space-time flux.
One may wonder why no time travelers have come back to tell us about the
future. The answer for this is simple, the technology is one step too far for
the future to be concerned with us. Albert Einstein once stated, "When the
twentieth century is at hand, the future, the past and the present shall
be one." As the research continues, we will learn more about the dangers and
benefits of this promising technology.