The poem Old Ironsides by Oliver Wendell Holmes was written to save the mighty battleship The
U.S. Constitution. In
the poem the writer talks about the mighty battleship and how they should sink it rather than put it ashore to
be retired. The
mood of the poem is very strong and very pointful. The writer of Old Ironsides Oliver Wendell Holmes
was one of the Fireside
Poets. The poem was Holmes masterpiece work.

The Fireside poets were a group of poets that wrote their poetry about love, nature, home, family,
and children. The
poem Old Ironsides was written in the aspect of nature and he also included somewhat of the family issue
in the poem. In the
poem Holmes talks about the ship and all its glorious days on the sea and this is what I referring to as the
family aspect.

The nature aspect of the poem is always present with the sea and all of the other things that are
happening around the
poem. He talks about the winds and the water when setting the mood. This poem was written in order to
save the mighty ship
in writing this poem he accomplished two things. That was he saved the ship from its end and it made his
poem an masterpiece.

As you can see Oliver Wendell Holmes Old Ironsides was not only a success for him but also a
success for the
battleship. This poem was written in such a way that people like me 100 years later can still see the point
that he is trying to
show us. This was one of the things that the Fireside poets were known for, writing in such a manner that
the common man
could understand it. The poem Old Ironsides was truly a great poem that made Holmes a star and also fits
him with the other
Fireside poets.