The Perfect Place To Write
Sitting in a remotely quiet study lounge I pick up my pencil and try to put my thoughts onto an empty white sheet of paper. It wasn’t till I began a sentence that I heard laughter and footsteps as yet another destraction comes by throwing off my train of thought. The laughter, the noise, the unfamiliar faces and the unknown scenery were all factors keeping me from my writing. Then I realized I have been in the same spot for forty-five minutes, only to get two words down on the otherwise empty canvas.

After discovering that I could not make progress in a room full of distraction I decided to change my mind setting. I thought to myself, “Were would be the best spot for me to write at?” The answer came to me almost instantly and I decided to hold of on the writing till I got home, till I got to my room.

As far back as I can recall I have always had no problem with transforming thoughts to words in my bedroom. The familiar setting, the comfort, and most of all the complete silence make it the perfect place for me to express my creative ideas.

Since the year nineteen eighty-five; the day of my birth I have always had the same bedroom. Yes, it has changed over the years from a crib to a bed, from teddy-bear wallpaper to plain white walls. However, it is still a place I know all to well. So what does this have to do with writing a paper? Everything. The familiar smell, the perfectly dim lighting and most of all my comfortable swivel chair allow me to write in complete comfort. The fact that it is my room, everything is in tact the way I want it allows me to write with total concentration.

In the short story, The Perfect Place to Write, by Paul Williams he talks about a small little cabin built by college students for them to get away from the everyday distractions in life and write. This cabin would then be called, “The Writer’s Cabin.” Only it turns out that the cabin was rarely used because of the distractions brought on from the surrounding environment. The setting of hills, streams, animals and probably each other kept the students from reaching deadlines.

Unlike the “Writer’s Cabin” my room is free from outside noise and distractions. This allows me to concentrate to the fullest extent. Free of noise I can sit in my room and use my imagination to the best of my ability and produce something worth reading.

Free of distraction I can write a paper that is pieced together in a logical order to keep the reader interest.

After trying to write paper in numerous settings I have come to the conclusion that my bedroom is “The Perfect Place To Write”. There I have total control over my thoughts and imagination. Words flow with ease from the creative side of my brain right down to my hand and out onto a piece of paper. The familiar setting, the comfort and the complete silence of my room make it easy for me to reach deadlines on all different papers.