The Outlaw

By Sinclair Ross

“She was one horse, and she was all horses.” (page 2) In the short story “The Outlaw” by Sinclair Ross the idea of pride was explored through Isabel. The “beautiful but dangerous” (page 2) horse displays pride through her appearance, her actions, and her spirit.

Appearance has a lot to do with pride. Just by the way a person stands can show whether the person is proud person. In this case, the author shows that Isabel is an extremely proud horse by the way she “lifted her head and trumpeted out one of her wild, dramatic neighs.” (page 7) Appearance is only one factor that contributes to pride; however, I believe that pride comes from history, from actions.

Isabel has a strong reputation for the fact that she “had thrown one man and killed him, thrown another and broken his collar bone.” (page 2) From these actions she had gotten the reputation that “she’s an outlaw.” (page 7) Having the reputation that she is an outlaw causes her to have pride because other people see her as a horse that they can not ride, a horse that is free, and a horse that is proud.

The horse’s sprit was confined; she was locked up in her stall and tempted the boy into riding her. Finally, the boy did and Isabel was free. She was able run wild until the boy started to believe that he was her master. To get her pride back she throws the boy “head first into a snowdrift.” (page 9) By throwing the boy into the snowdrift, Isabel was able to gain back her pride at the same time of freeing her sprit.

In this short story the author showed pride towards Isabel. Throughout the story, pride was described through the “beautiful but dangerous” horse, Isabel, by appearance, actions, and spirit.

Word count: 313