The Ordinary Killer

English III-4a
9 March 1998

He was nothing out of the ordinary. He fit into society as well as anyone. He was
handsome, charming, and women fell for him. Throughout the seventies people were captivated
by the killing spree of Ted Bundy. He went on a cross country murderous rampage. In the
twentieth century Ted Bundy was one of the most brutal murderers who killed women he didn\'t
know, unsuccessfully defended himself in court and was executed.
Ted Bundy was born in a home for unmarried mothers near Philadelphia on November
24, 1946(Crimes 36). Ted\'s mother, Louise Cowell, have him the name Theodore because it
means the gift of God(Crimes 37). Growing up Ted was told that Louise was his sister and that
his grandparents were really his parents(Crimes 7). When Louise Bundy was asked to describe
the kind of son Ted had been, Mrs. Louise Bundy replied:
Ted has always been the best son in the world. He was always a very
thoughtful person. He never forgot mother\'s day. When he was young he
always said he wanted to be a policeman or a lawyer. (Crimes 38)
Ted didn\'t discover his true parentage until 1969 when he located his birth certificate.
The scary thing about Ted Bundy was the way he killed his victims. He only killed
women and went out of his way to meet them. Ted would approach women he didn\'t know and
seem helpless, trying to get them to help him. He would lure them into his car or other places
where he would get them alone and kill them. Eerie but true, he would always call his girlfriend
when he got home(The Deliberate Stranger np).
The Washington killing consisted of five women vanishing, as if into thin air. The terror
came to Utah October 2, 1974 when Nancy Wilcox disappeared in Salt Lake City (Bundy np).
Twenty-five days later the body of yet another victim was found raped and severely
beaten(Bundy np). Bundy awaiting trial in Colorado escaped from jail and eventually made his
way south to Florida. Bundy\'s murders had been in the northwestern part of the United States.
"This made Florida a happy hunting ground."(Theodore np) No one in Florida was really
familiar with the name Ted Bundy which gave him an easy hide out for his next killings(Crimes
42). Bundy went into a Chi Omega sorority house and raped and beat two girls to death and
punished two others nearly with their lives(Crimes 42)
Bundy represented himself at his trial, but he was unsuccessful. There was just too much
evidence stacked up against him. He sealed his fate in Florida when just after he left the Chi
Omega House, he beat another women and the police caught up with him(Crime 183).
Convicted on two courts of murder in July 1979 he was sentenced to die in Florida\'s
electric chair. A third conviction and death sentence were subsequently obtained in the case of
Kimberly Leach. After ten years of appeals, Bundy was finally executed in February 1989. In
his last interview, he confessed to a total of 28 murders.
Ted Bundy was a nice looking man. He was very charming and seemed harmless but that
was what got 28 girls killed. He was one of the most hanous murderers of the 21st century.
Bundy\'s faults in Florida led him to his execution.