The Only Alien on the Planet


October 6, 2003

o Ginny- she is a caring, responsible, intelligent teen who recently moved from California to the east coast, who takes an extreme interest in, “The Alien.”
Caulder- Ginny’s neighbor who befriends her, and introduces her to Smitty Tibbs. Caulder is Smitty’s only friend.

Smitty Tibbs- “The Alien.” He is a senior in high school who has never talked to anyone ever since childhood. Although very detached, he is highly intelligent.

o To me, I believe that one of the main messages that the author is trying to put out, among many, is that you can always count on your true friends. For example, after Smitty, or should I say Michael’s breakdown, when Russel came to visit, Ginny, stayed with Smitty to support and comfort him during a tormenting time. Ginny, who was Michael’s true friend, stuck with him through thick and thin.

o An example of a flashback can be found on page 3, paragraph 9, which is, “I decided then and there--- no Great Adventure is worth this kind of pain.”

o Alliteration- “When we were all there, the house didn’t seem so empty.” Pg. 26
Personification- “The house was perched up on the shoulder if the foothills…” Pg.112-113

Simile- “The table was like a gastronomic Disneyland…” Pg. 114

o The mood of the book, The Only Alien On The Planet, was, to me, serious and dramatic, with a humorous twist. The words that Kristen D. Randle, the author, uses are complex and melodramatic, which only helps the book set its unique mood.
6. protagonist-“I was uncomfortable at first, wondering if the handicaps of the protagonist were going to upset Smitty.” (pg. 52)

Definition: 1 a : the principal character in a literary work (as a drama or story)

b : a leading actor, character, or participant in a literary work or real event
2 : a leader, proponent, or supporter of a cause : champion

3 : a muscle that by its contraction actually causes a particular movement

Sentence: She was a protagonist of the pro-choice law.

Taboo- “This particular back door was taboo.” (pg. 103)

Definition: 1 : forbidden to profane use or contact because of what are held to be dangerous supernatural powers
2 a : banned on grounds of morality or taste b : banned as constituting a risk <the area beyond is taboo, still alive with explosives -- Robert Leckie>

Sentence: The subject was taboo.

Bantering- “I’d sit there by the hour, listening to Caulder bantering with Michael over some aspect of political science.” (pg. 193)

Definition: 1 : to speak to or address in a witty and teasing manner
2 archaic : delude

3 chiefly Southern & Midland: challenge

intransitive senses: to speak or act playfully or wittily

Sentence: All day, I was bantering to my mother about a new pair of jeans.

7. The Only Alien On The Planet was written in 1984, which, to me, reveals that in this time period, it was quite groundbreaking and pushed the limits for young readers everywhere, which is what I believe the author was trying to accomplish.

8. Ginny, a senior in high school, and her family move from California to the East Coast, which is a whole new world for her. Luckily, she finds three good friends, Hally, Caulder, and Smitty- the alien. At first glance, Ginny becomes compelled by Smitty, a living statue who never talks, never shows emotion. Coincidentally, Caulder, who is also Ginny’s neighbor, is Smitty’s only friend; he introduces Ginny and Smitty, which fans Ginny’s sparked interest in Smitty, which only leads to Smitty’s breakdown.

9. One prediction that I made was when Ginny could not find Smitty at Hally’s party. I thought that Smitty had run home like he previously did at the movies, but, luckily, Ginny found him in Hally’s back yard. (pg. 118)

When Smitty was in his bed at the clinic, after he told Ginny to stay and Caulder to leave the room, I predicted that Caulder would not only leave the room, he would leave the clinic, out of anger. I then found out that he stayed in the building, and left with Ginny. (pg. 177)

o I chose to compare and contrast myself with Ginny.


Ø I am a freshman in high school, she is a senior.

Ø She has three brothers, I